Kann jemand Cindy (cirizzle),gina laitschek,fayesxh,yonca,Katja Krasavice,juju44,Starletnova,denisemski,laramarieconrads,elena kamperi (könnt auch welche vorschlagen)für mich spielen,kann bilder geben die du benutzt (kik:Nikebagpack)

2021.09.25 13:59 thatmfdead Kann jemand Cindy (cirizzle),gina laitschek,fayesxh,yonca,Katja Krasavice,juju44,Starletnova,denisemski,laramarieconrads,elena kamperi (könnt auch welche vorschlagen)für mich spielen,kann bilder geben die du benutzt (kik:Nikebagpack)

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2021.09.25 13:59 RickyDactyl Well im out!

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2021.09.25 13:59 PetevonPete Today on "Lines That Should Have Been in the Films"

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2021.09.25 13:59 durteesee Which mobile games are so good that you could play for days on end?

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2021.09.25 13:59 alembra I dont see why youd let such a trivial little thing keep you from getting married...

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2021.09.25 13:59 herequeerandgreat i wish more animated movies would push the two hour mark

last night; i watched legends of the guardians the owls of gahoole. it was alright but not as good as it could have been. honestly, the film felt a bit rushed. i feel that if the film had taken it`s time to really established the characters and the lore, maybe the film could have been better. however, that would have required the film to push the two hour mark. in my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with that.
in fact, i wish that more animated movies would exceed the two hour mark. this would allow for the characters to get deeper development and for the story to really take it`s time. i like a lot of animated movies but i feel that they would have been stronger if they had been permitted to have longer running times.
now, i`m not saying that every animated movie needs to be or exceed two hours. if a movie is more comedy based, then they can get away with being shorter. i`m talking about stories that are more epic in scale. something like raya and the last dragon, rise of the guardians, or the previous mentioned owls of gahoole. either that or more character development driven movies such as finding nemo or soul. i`m personally of the opinion that some movies benefit from having longer running times. i believe that if a movie is epic in scale or extremely character driven, one hour and a half simply will not cut it.
and to those of you who would make the argument that a lot of animated movies nowadays are aimed at children and children don`t have the attention to sit and watch a two hour movie, consider that superhero movies are very popular with children and those movies are often two hours. hell, my cousin sat and watched the four hour snyder cut of justice league and he`s SIX!
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2021.09.25 13:59 doompctrol hamish’s gusto is gonna be absolutely off the charts this week

congrats to his beloved dees on the premiership!
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2021.09.25 13:59 GayToddsAsshole What’s your opinion on sex scenes in movies?

View Poll
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2021.09.25 13:59 AddictionMrPewPew ADDICTION [NA EAST-ENGLISH-PVX]

Remember how you used to play that one game, and whenever that game comes up someone always remembers that one group of guys who kicked everyone else's ass? Yeah.... We are those guys. Addiction is an MMO guild and gaming community that has successfully transitioned through 14 MMO's and counting with 14 World First raid kill achievements. Our experienced leadership has maintained and grown our member base over the last 15 years, and we are always looking for more skilled and loyal members. Our guild is made up of adults, parents, working professionals, and neckbeards just like you. Our main focus is wrecking faces, being on top, and building a community of like-minded gamers.
```Addiction has perfected our preparations for an MMO launch. In ArcheAge we achieved total dominance in the PvP, Progression, and trade aspects of the game. During our launch into ArcheAge we achieved NA First kraken kill as well as gaining complete control in the resource market by maintaining ownership over strategically important material nodes. In addition we were also a world first progression guild in Rift and Age of Conan, congratulated for our accomplishments by the developers in both instances. Rift executive producer Scott Hartsman was also inclined to label us “hardest of the hardcore” for our world first kills which were several weeks ahead of everyone else. We have carried this through not just new MMO launches but to previously established games such as an original launch server in World of Warcraft, where we cleared all content 6 weeks after rolling on the server. We returned to Everquest 1, where we progressed through all 15 expansions at the appropriate level cap, which for some bosses had never been done before. We held the top 3 leaderboard positions in Darkfall on launch for kills, damage to buildings, etc. In Tera we achieved 3 Prime titles, for first max level characters, on the most populated server.
Addiction is primarily interested in MMO's, but we don't limit ourselves to a specific genre in-between MMO titles. The Addiction ranks are filled with Master league Starcraft 2 players, Challenger League of Legends players, and sponsored MLG players in multiple FPS titles. Our members have held #1 ladder positions for games such as Company of Heroes, and multiple Socom titles to name a few. Our members have been top 5 CAL-I players in Counterstrike: Source and Call of Duty 4 including achieving NA #3 in Rainbow 6 Siege pro-league.
Our members have a deep history in MMO's and gaming in general, in many cases with roughly two decades of experience in the genre spanning practically every title you can name. We have members who have come from well-known guilds such as Paragon from World of Warcraft, Ne Plus Ultra, Dracos Argent and Dissolution in Everquest 2, and Pandemonium in Everquest 1, to name a few. Our former and retired members come from World Top WoW and EQ guilds such as Nihilum, Death and Taxes, and Fires of Heaven. It is not uncommon for Addiction members to discover they used to play together in a previous guild from years past.
Be Over 18
Take a joke
Demonstrate sufficient player skill
Be mature, patient, and calm
You must have discord; you are not required to talk, but must be able to listen
You must play regularly (at least 3 days a week)
If you do not meet any of these criteria you need not apply.

For interested applicants please inquire in looking-for-interview on our Discord https://discord.gg/addictguild or apply on our website https://addictguild.com/
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2021.09.25 13:59 nehagoddess What are some of the best bollywood editing IG pages?

Like the onesones that makemake aesthetic edits for eg :the kind of edits where Kareena's 2000's moviemovie scenes areall edited really pretty
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2021.09.25 13:59 sea-secrets Does anyone want to share an Uber/Lyft from Red Rocks back to Downtown from Rowdytown today? Long story short American Airlines prevails again being the only airline I've had to reschedule with and am now going to miss my rental car reservation. Think I was able to find my way out there, not back.

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2021.09.25 13:59 MemerThoughts In 50 years, instead of colorizing photos we will be unfiltering

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2021.09.25 13:59 LuqOs Imagine wasting your ult

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2021.09.25 13:59 Savhverstandige We can't stop here, this is bat country!

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2021.09.25 13:59 JungleKock How common is it to see kids smoking in your area?

I saw a kid in primary school uniform vaping. He looked about year 6 or 5.
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2021.09.25 13:59 hoangha99 Truyện Nuôi Dưỡng Bạo Vương Full Hay

Truyện Nuôi Dưỡng Bạo Vương của tác giả Hoa Sơn Trà là thể loại xuyên không có pha trộn thêm chút yếu tố ngôn tình ngọt ngào lãng mạn. Nhân vật chính là Du tử xuyên qua và sở hữu đôi mắt có thể nhìn rõi mọi sự việc trên trần thế này. Nàng sở hữu tài năng thiên bẩm ấy cũng mang đến cho nàng nhiều rắc rối không đáng có, cuộc sống như bị đảo lộn thêm một lần nữa… Đọc ngay truyện Nuôi Dưỡng Bạo Vương
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2021.09.25 13:59 HU55LEH4RD Voices of Warhammer 2021 Audio book bundle by Black Library

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2021.09.25 13:59 sd826e [English > Korean] Do not leave any belongings unattended. They could be removed without warning.

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2021.09.25 13:59 jules128 Lift gate won’t stay up

Is it possible to fix this myself? It won’t stay up at all, I have to stand under it and hold it up with my body and it’s heavy.
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2021.09.25 13:59 whisp2163 Stop

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2021.09.25 13:58 Sheldore_73 Can you bypass goxlr dac and use a separate dac?

I bought a schiit IEmagni and modi 3+ stack a couple months ago and I recently got a used goxlr mini from a friend for really cheap. I was wondering if there is a way to hook my schiit stack up to it. I am not a streamer or anything I just have a mic that can do usb or xlr (samson qu2) so I thought for the price I got it might as well try xlr. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.09.25 13:58 MrKrustySocks Hey I noticed somebody screenshot a screenshot so I decided to screenshot that to raise awareness. Stop it. Also #32

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2021.09.25 13:58 Wasdqwertyuiopasdfgh Extremely specific scenario trying to get hitman 3 PSVR to work on PS5

Hey, so im in an extremely specific scenario. Back when Hitman 3 was on free weekend, I downloaded the game and tried to get the Vr mode to work, but i couldn't so I just forgot about it. This month, when Hitman 2 went on ps plus for free, I downloaded it and also got the access pack for Hitman 3. So I tried to download Hitman 3 for PS 4 and see if Vr would work now, and it still doesn't. Ive tried following a bunch of guides and stuff online and none of them worked. Is it even possible to do this, and if so, how? Sorry if it's an obvious answer or something.
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2021.09.25 13:58 hkmprohd65 Why do convert any vector into the unit vector?

I am currently doing Engineering Mechanics basically learning statics, and we learned about resolving forces in 3-dimensions. I know what unit vectors are like the magnitude of 1, specify direction. But I can't grasp why I have to convert the original force vector into the unit vector and then add/subtract and then convert it back. I know how to calculate the final force, coordinate angles, and solve the problems (at least the easy one) but I really want to understand the intuition and why we do it, in case there is higher-order questions. Like couldn't you just find the ratio between the force vector and position vector, and then multiply the ratio to each of the components, wouldn't that be faster than using unit vectors. I also going into Calc 3 learning vector calculus, so I really need to grasp this basic concept, because I feel I am so close to understanding it, like missing a link to connect the information. Thank you
TD;LR why do we convert the force/position vector into a unit vector?
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2021.09.25 13:58 WeekendLife2944 Chances of getting an iPhone at the store today?

Is there any chance of a store having any iPhones the day after release? They don’t open up for a couple more hours and wondering if I should be there at open to hope to get some.
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