Deportivo Alavés vs Atlético Madrid - La Liga, 25-Sep-2021

2021.09.25 13:51 FHLBot Deportivo Alavés vs Atlético Madrid - La Liga, 25-Sep-2021

Match: Deportivo Alavés vs Atlético Madrid
Competition: La Liga
Date: 25-Sep-2021
Time: 12:00 GMT (convert to local time)
Venue: Estadio Olaranbe
Referee: A. Mateu Lahoz
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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.25 13:51 MountAbraxas Livid Loaf

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2021.09.25 13:51 Ira-Deorum Partner to SO with BPD and I need another perspective on responsibility and apologies

A little background info: I'm 21 y/o and I'm diagnosed with ADHD-PI. I've struggled a lot with self confidence, self worth, shame and just my self image overall through out my life. People not understanding why I'm the way I am, why it's hard to do certain things, remembering stuff and everything else that comes with my diagnosis. People calling me stupid, disrespectful, scolding me for forgetting things and just making me feel extremely bad for the things I mess up has caused a lot of mental health issues and is largely the reason for my poor self image.
So, my SO suffers from BPD which means that outbursts of anger and irritation happen and I understand it's not voluntary. Often times it's caused by a stressful situation in combination with me messing something up/forgetting something etc. They will lash out at me, call me things, belittle me and my condition, say things like "I reminded you 10 times and you still forgot? How can you be this stupid?!" and "You said you would do X (clean, do dishes, call landlord, etc) but you just don't care enough to? Do I have to remind you about everything? Can't you do anything on your own?"
These things hit home. I know that they don't actually mean these things, but sometimes I just have a really hard time to just shake it off.
A few months ago I messed up a few important things when I was grocery shopping. Which actually isn't a big deal. I forgot and I could just get the right things the next day on my way home from work and set a reminder so I don't mess up the next time. But their day had been stressful and me messing up just tipped the scales and caused an outburst. They went on a rant about how I can't do anything on my own, how I don't care enough about them to listen and see their needs, how I'm an irresponsible, disrespectful partner etc. That shit hurt. It really did. I tried to shake it off but I just couldn't.
I think it would be easier for me to deal with these outbursts if I got an apology afterwards, but I don't know if it's fair to ask for an apology when they can't help this behaviour?
I've brought up that I understand why this happens and that it isn't what they actually believe of me. I've said that it still hurts but an apology would make these situations way easier for me to deal and cope with. The last time I did this was yesterday, and the response I got was:

And then they burst into tears.
Can you give me a BPD-perspective on this?
My initial thought is that no matter the reason, you still cause me a lot of mental stress and you're actually emotionally and psychologically abusing me. If I mess something up because of my ADHD and it was out of my control, I don't just hide behind it and put all the blame on my condition. Sure, I couldn't control what I did, but I still did it and hurt you, so I take responsibility for my actions and apologize.
Please, I need help.
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2021.09.25 13:51 omarglal d-did he just broke the fourth wall!?

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2021.09.25 13:51 StarsAtLadakh Communal riot cases under secular Congress vs "fascist" Hindutva BJP governments. Source in picture.

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2021.09.25 13:51 FullObject668 Ajuda: A situação atual das universidades e o fim dos mestrados integrados. Alunos lesados não se apercebem da situação

Não sei se é do conhecimento geral, mas as universidades estão a alterar os mestrados integrados para licenciatura + mestrado, tudo isto acompanhado por uma reestruturação do curso. Acontece o seguinte, com esta reestruturação alunos que estejam apenas a fazer a dissertação terão de se reinscrever, adotando um novo ciclo de estudos, que prevê fazer mais duas UCs essas UCs estão são do 1o semestre que á data limite da entrega da dissertação já acabou, significando que estes terão de se inscrever mais dois anos letivos completos. O resto dos estudantes estão cientes disto ou simplesmente comem merda às colheres e vagam dinheiro para pagar propinas? Fora esta situação há muitas outras semelhantes que lesam sempre o aluno monetariamente tenho colegas que matricularam se pela primeira vez na dissertação em 2019-2020, mas como regras internas da universidade não permitem a execução da dissertação se aquando do início do 2o semestre os alunos tiverem mais de duas UCs além da dissertação, "reprovaram" na dissertação e em 2020-2021 é que começaram a dissertação. Acontece que quem se inscreveu em 2019-2020 teve direito, devido ao COVID, a uma adiamento do prazo de entrega até 29 de outubro de 2021 este adiamento sem pagamento de propinas. Estes meus colegas que apenas iniciaram a dissertação em 20-21 como se matricularam em 19-20 tem também de entregar a 29 de outubro e pior do que isso pagaram propinas do ano 20-21. Para conveniente da universidade estes inscreveram-se em 19-20 ou 20-21, conforme é mais lucrativo.
TLDR: As universidades andam a lesar os alunos o governo não legisla e para minha frustração parece que sou o único que se apercebe desta merda toda. E os betinhos das associações e caralho que os foda querem tachos.
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2021.09.25 13:51 Jason_Badass My film and television group on Facebook

Hey ladies and gentlemen
For fans of entertainment on the big and small screen,
Please feel free to join my film and television group right here...
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2021.09.25 13:51 mootjuggler What would be some of the downsides of certain superpowers?

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2021.09.25 13:51 RazY70 Concerning note taking (short rant)

Does any one else get the feeling that instead of a means to an end, this has become the end itself?
I see terms such as Smart Notes, Effective Notes, Literature Notes, Permanent Notes, Zettelkasten, elaborate workflows and all sort of other definitions pertaining to notes. Notes are now the meta, and you see an increasing number of books, articles, and videos on HOW to take notes, organize notes, collect notes, etc., but not so much about WHY. When dealing with the latter, it usually involves some vague concepts such as a second brain, ideas, thoughts or some new-age mambo jumbo, generally ending up with a bunch of notes about note-taking.
I realize I might be generalizing here, but I often see posts of users who are proud of their note collection, however, when asked what it's used for they simply can't explain. "Perspective" replied OP here (which prompted this short rant). I mean what?! It almost seems like they take notes for the sake of taking and connecting notes. How does something like this help alleviate the so-called information overload we deal with? To me at least, it looks like this only increases it.
I don't know, maybe I'm missing the point entirely. I'll shut up now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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2021.09.25 13:51 hashtagbeast tell em chat

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2021.09.25 13:51 Accomplished_Unit586 Ok. Who of you was this?

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2021.09.25 13:51 Repulsive_Ad_6527 Truyện Chính Phi Của Độc Vương Full Hay

Cô và nàng là hai người hoàn toàn khác nhau về tình cách lẫn không gian , cô thì mạnh mẽ kiêu ngạo không gì là không dám làm , nàng thì nhút nhát ngu ngốc ...Mời các bạn dọc truyện Chính Phi Của Độc Vương của tác giả Dạ Khinh Thành . Khi cô xuyên không trở vào thân xác của nàng thì đó sẽ là dự đoán cho một tương lai đen tối của triều đại . Cô đã ra tay đạp tỷ ruột của nàng , hại chết kẻ thù của mẹ , dẹp bọn người làm xấu trong triều ... Với sắc đẹp của nàng , cô đã nhận được rất nhiều sính lễ từ nhiều phía , Thái Tử , Tổ Vương , Tuyệt diện la sát ...Cô như là hổ mọc thêm cánh và tiếp tục cuộc chinh phạt của mình !!! Đọc ngay truyện Chính Phi Của Độc Vương
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2021.09.25 13:51 Past_Ad3075 Rushia:here I hope you like it (can you explode yourself?) me:thanks for the TNT

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2021.09.25 13:51 JenT81 Help me figure out what to replace these with...digging out these 20 year old bushes and I don't even know where to begin. In NC...any help is much appreciated!!!

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2021.09.25 13:51 abjinternational [100% off]Video Conferencing Zoom Skype WebEX Tech Presentation Skills

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2021.09.25 13:51 Judgement_Bot_AITA AITA for refusing to leave my class when my teacher kicked me out for sleeping?

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2021.09.25 13:51 0poop01 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI Ecu Tuning

I wonder if there is a way that i can tune my santa fe's ecu with my laptop? it has a vgt turbocharger so im feeling lucky about increasing boost and Adjusting the electronic wastegate!
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2021.09.25 13:51 LXC_06 Srsly fuck that mission

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2021.09.25 13:51 KindaSortaWannaDie Tourist looking to visit the biggest Islamic centers in London?

I will be travelling to London soon, and I am planning to visit some of the Mosques and Islamic centres there. I am not familiar with any of the Muslim communities there, but I want to spend some days visiting them. In particular, I'm looking for places that have either a particularly beautiful design/architecture, or are otherwise physically impressive (size, historic significance, or similar). If the Mosques are a bit "modern", that would be a plus! (meaning, if they mix modern and traditional designs, or have modern features or facilities, like gym halls, gaming or sports, youth clubs, or similar.)
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2021.09.25 13:51 T123456n Cut

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2021.09.25 13:51 Listless_4 Performance management F5 Dec 2021 attempt

Hello! I would be happy if fellow students or graduates can give me some tips on how to pass this exam. This is my first skills exam and I want to pass it on my first attempt So I was hoping if you could tell me 1. how many hours should I spend on it? 2. What should I focus and practice more 3.some other things that are important that I don't know
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2021.09.25 13:51 Markus-2003 What is the worst thing each character has done?

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2021.09.25 13:51 ElectrikAvenue1 😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Lets make it rain!

😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Join the Takeover! Be a Boss! Lets get the G's!
Baby Doge Boss has identified the next evolution in the booming NFT sector. Baby Doge Boss is developing Smart NFT's! Our NFT's are going to be Dynamic and ever-changing, unlike traditional NFT's, Baby Doge Boss's Smart NFT's will change based on time of day and Market Conditions. When Crypto is pumping Baby Doge Boss will be happy and cheery, and when the market is dumping Baby Doge Boss will be stern and remind you to HODL!
📱Buy it right now on PancakeSwap!
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Our Boss Tokenomics:
Dynamic Smart-NFT's X BOSS NFT Lootboxes and Marketplace.
Baby Doge Boss aims pioneer the development and rise of Smart Multi-Layered NFT's using the Altura NFT's upcoming developer API. Unlike traditional NFT's, Baby Doge Boss's Smart NFT's will change based on time of day and Market Conditions. When Crypto is pumping Baby Doge Boss will be happy and cheery, and when the market is dumping Baby Doge Boss will be stern and remind you to HODL.
Baby Doge Boss NFT's will be Airdropped to holders via a lottery and community engagement merit system. We will have giveaways to outstanding community members. Like and share Baby Doge Boss on Facebook and Twitter, and be entered to be airdropped our most exclusive NFT Releases! Also We will be releasing our very own NFT Marketplace where we will have a extensive roster of exclusive Smart-NFT's and NFT Lootboxes!
Auto-liquidity Generation.
7% of all Baby Doge Boss transactions will be contributed to building Liquidity ensuring that growth, stability and sustainability of the token is backed by a constantly growing liquidity pools.
The rate of contributions will only increase as our community grows and trading volume increases providing stability and security to our investors.
Sustainable Marketing.
2% of Baby Doge Boss transactions will be contributed to our community marketing fund, 100% of this fund will be used for Marketing and Advertising of our token. This will ensure that we have the capital necessary to fund our massive viral marketing campaign that will catapult Baby Doge Boss to to very top of the DeFi and NFT sphere!
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