Underrated anime you need to binge watch right now

2021.09.25 13:29 gaming_dude_09 Underrated anime you need to binge watch right now

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2021.09.25 13:29 zero130rider uimei (Suisei and Mumei) What if they switch clothes.

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2021.09.25 13:29 Raisingaquestion Playing on 2 different platform with the same account?

Hi guys,
If I buy D2R on Switch, will I also be able to play it on PC? Or do I have two different copies of the game if I want to play on different platforms?
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2021.09.25 13:29 Separate-Software-95 ITAP of a 7/11

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2021.09.25 13:29 Luckywolf_66 Cool jungle/taiga/badlands village seed -1243059370

Processing img ni8yczo6xmp71...
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2021.09.25 13:29 JohnLT13 Loving these so far.

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2021.09.25 13:29 Affectionate-Fall520 Canadian and US Internet Users Stressed Out by Cyberattack News

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2021.09.25 13:29 FutureDurpleton Who's Wammawink?

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2021.09.25 13:29 ShiniDekuran So... I guess we won't actually be getting anything new. Looks like they'll be playing the Comic Con video. Not sure why Xfinity shows different names...

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2021.09.25 13:29 No_Elk5745 What are you and your family planning to do this new year night ?

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2021.09.25 13:29 I_am_not_gay_69 [RAM] G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 4000 CL18 - $140 (20% off)

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2021.09.25 13:28 Zom_Bean Lawyers of Reddit. My dad and I are being Evicted.

We were given a 30 day notice to move out of our duplex once we pay our last month's rent. The landlord sold our duplex so newer, nicer houses can be built Now we're almost at the deadline and we still don't have a place to go because my dad keeps getting turned down to his low income. This doesn't feel legal, and I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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2021.09.25 13:28 meow_ec Maybe they are part of the r/fuckhorses page but ban the horses because of car safety? I didn’t know horse carriages were so dangerous on our streets…

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2021.09.25 13:28 killHACKS He has a point!

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2021.09.25 13:28 VenXic Fics Where Lisa gets her shot kicked in

Where she starts her usual shtick and promptly loses, either by sheer fact that she misreads and loses in a psychological battle of wits and words or somebody just resorts to physical violence instantly either before she opens her mouth, or even after she talks but they ultimately just don’t care
Or she just makes a dumb decision and actually loses because of it instead of win via plot armor
Either or is good
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2021.09.25 13:28 dashaaadj My collection after 3 years of collecting :))

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2021.09.25 13:28 BigWhaleOfficial Who in here just busted a nice fat hot fkin load of creame juice all over their stomach?

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2021.09.25 13:28 woodyalien99 Jasmin Glover

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2021.09.25 13:28 Fasupalaa Is Banana fish on Netflix in any other country than Japan?

I really want to watch it and I have a VPN, but I can't read the japanese subtitles so..
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2021.09.25 13:28 eurodance90 Hanna Söderberg debut single is entitled Can´t Change My Frequency

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2021.09.25 13:28 bruinn77 Secondary hard drive

My pc died last Saturday, won't power on but was providing power to USB devices, already got replacement enroute... question is actually two parter... my old system had a 120 sad primary (Windows), 1Tb WD hard drive for storage.. Got a Sata to USB cable from when I replaced wife's hard drive to SSD.. I can access my old 120g SSD see windows stuff, but can't access the TB harddrive, doesn't register show up using the cable... what could be wrong with the storage drive... second part since my new pc is coming without a OS could I transfer that OS from the 120g SSD to the new 1Tb SSD. Original plan was to put the old 1Tb into the new pc, which would allow me to keep the movies/files without having to transfer to the new 1Tb
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2021.09.25 13:28 Bigstraight68 eidolon mod chants

can someone tell me how i get the chants in the book? i know you get one from throwing it at a witch but how do i get the others?
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2021.09.25 13:28 wombat2000- 19[F4R] Australia/anywhere - looking to find someone to click with for banter, travel/adventure plans, dog pics or nerdy stuff

I'm an Aussie looking for someone to click with that has similar interests! I get along with people who value good humour, curiosity/passion and compassion. I'd love to hear about the things that you're passionate about/excite you.
Some of my interests include going down nerdy rabbit holes, learning about perspectives and human nature, getting caught in storms but staying nice and cosy, travelling and winding up lost but discovering something unmissable and much more. Music wise I love a bit of 70's and 90's rock with some modern Aussie stuff.
Would love to heatalk about philosophy, psychology, history, medicine etc. Learn where you have and want to travel, goals and intricate future plans. Humour wise I love a bit of banter:) if TIFU makes you laugh so much it hurts we will probs get along.
If you relate to this and you'd like to reach out please do:)
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2021.09.25 13:28 Matlabguru Essay on Finance

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2021.09.25 13:28 GauntGhuol Blurry picture of a dog

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