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Stuck bottle caps from Chefs and/or others.

2021.09.25 13:34 kuri_sanTou Stuck bottle caps from Chefs and/or others.

So I have broken hundreds of seals on these bottles. I always thought they were tamper evident proof caps, which I still believe they are because the rings are stuck on to the caps of my LDPE bottles and broken once you open it (tamper with it). But this bottle just kept clicking and turning no matter how hard I pressed and turned. The seal is clearly broken in the first picture.
I spent thirty minutes trying to get this damn bottle open. I was ready to stick screw drivers into it or cut the whole cap off and replace it with one of my spares.
Instead I just cut the seal off with my flush cutters and Voilà! It screwed off very easily. I can’t guarantee this works with all bottles of course but in my case is saved me of more frustration.
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2021.09.25 13:34 PlanetToday Соединенные Штаты захлестнула климатическая миграция. Американцы распродают жильё в районах, подверженных погодным катаклизмам, и перебираются в более безопасные места. Проблема совсем скоро обретёт мировые масштабы. В последнем отчёте ООН говорится, что к середине века климатическими беженцами стан

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2021.09.25 13:34 LowDownSlim Al Green

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2021.09.25 13:34 simp0824 UPDATES: Current happenings on the variety show filming (09.25.2021)

So the filming started on the 24th of September.
According to this post this would be the themes of the different subgroups for the variety show:

🍉Show will broadcast on November🍉
Guangzhou Team (Santa, Bo Yuan and AK) had schedule issues so I think they’re filming at another time. (Might be subject to change)
Minor note: Wjjw and Tencent really worked hard and leveled up the security this time around. They were blocking people from taking photos left and right.
On the 24th of September (according to the 🍉)
Yinxuan Team (Liu Yu,Nine,Lin Mo and Jiayuan) went to the zoo near a dessert. They played with animals such as 🐏🐪. They did something with the 🌾 (I’m guessing farming?).
Not much was said about this team because fansites were heavily blocked lol 😂 but I’ll write some of the guas or posts from the actual people who saw it on weibo:
And most of the guas ended there.
Overall, fans said that their group interaction was very good. And that cp fans got some funny cute moments too.
Moving on,
Chongqing team (Mika, Pat&Dan), things were a bit more clear 😂 arguably because this team has hordes of fans and fansites waiting on them. Istg if you saw the fansite videos they were deathly loud.
(I’d argue that this team has the fans and fansites with the strongest game lmao, like the amount of dedication and level of eagle-eyedness of their fansites have despite being blocked are 🤯 and the information their fans have are just HAHA)
So first of all, they went to a hotpot place in Chongqing wearing floral Hawaiian outfits which were really cute.
Fans and fansites weren’t allowed inside amidst INTO1 filming. So some fans went to the hotpot restaurant after Mika,Pat&Dan left the place.
They got a lot of info from conversing with the customers.
The boss of the place said that MPK(Mika,Pat&Keyu) are very handsome.
Some of them said that watching the faces of MPK was very funny because they ate 🌶 spicy food and their faces went from 😊->🥵 real quick 😂
After leaving the place, they went back to the hotel (fans assume they filmed something there as well)
And later on around sunset/night time they went to the court and played football 🏈
(Minor note (feel free to skip): As a shipper I am definitely alive and enjoying this 😂😂 lots of 🍬 hehe. Fansites THANK YOU! For those curious we got moments such as this 🙈 and if you want more I made a list HERE, these moments are fine to share since they’re from behind the scenes off cam and won’t be aired on the show the moments from the actual show will be shared at a later date after the show is broadcasted)
Okay so sorry for that fangirl moment.
Moving on, Mika had a lot of fun according to his fans since he was in his element which was 🏈.
Dan&Pat were beginners so they had to learn before playing.
Their jersey numbers are - Mika (8) - Pat (92) - Dan(16)
Overall, from the leaked photos that were soon deleted, they had a ton of fun. They got very sweaty but their smiles were so precious 🥺
Other guas include MPK singing a song togther 🥺🥺
September 25
WJJW/Tencent have become more strict and barricaded Into1 a lot 😂 Fansites ended ul just sitting down and wait for them to finish
Yinchuan Team went out to work in the same outfit as yesterday All we know is that they’re going racing today 🏎
Chongqing Team went to a literal forest and mountain lol they’re rumored to be doing 🏇(horseriding) 🚣‍♀️(boating) 🧗‍♂️(rock climbing). And some pottery and sight seeing on the mountain.
They danced on the rooftop.
So that’s all I have for now, feel free to add on if you have some more.
Kinda sad we don’t see them together as OT11 but seeing them as subgroups isn’t so bad. At least we get to see them interact with each other. Unlike other groups who only come together as a group like once a month.
Minor note: I miss Riki, hope he gets better soon🥺
IM SUPER EXCITED FOR THE VARIETY SHOW NOW, it seems like a lot of fun.
Minor note: INTO1 has a new rumoured group endorsement with Cloud Option.
Will update this post if more happen today.
Thank you for reading through all that, have a nice day ☺️
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2021.09.25 13:34 ClaudioNdou Right so I kind of maybe jumped the gain starting a cycle without having all the necessary things, do I need to do a pct with my cycle or at the end? Do I need other supplements as well to stop any health implications? Is there anything else I’d need?

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2021.09.25 13:34 CompetitiveAd9036 How good is VIT vellore actually?

I've got lot of mixed answers when I tried to do my research on it , need some genuine answers
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2021.09.25 13:34 OsarmaBinLatin Jumătate din peneliştii de la Romexpo s-au cunoscut tot acolo, la un congres PSD

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2021.09.25 13:34 WaftIt Pushing The Limits of An Item of Makeup

I'm curious to hear about times you've "colored outside the lines" to see how a product or category looks or performs.
As I'm inventorying, I'm also playing around more with my makeup. I'll put more on after work or right before I wash my face. I have a few blushes, but I don't often wear them. I think I'm afraid of overdoing it.
Yesterday, I was seized by the urge to see what would happen if I put a particular loose powder bronzy blush all over my face. Use it like a face powder. And it turns out, I look like I'd gotten a bit red or a bit sunburned, but it really wasn't dramatic. It turns out, I can build with this shade and not worry about overdoing it at all!
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2021.09.25 13:34 Ikkebeneenbelg Can someone help me , I can't beat EX-4

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2021.09.25 13:34 touch_me-sama8 Pls go away

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2021.09.25 13:34 donutio Am I more likely Orr less likely to get sick going out a day right after a cold

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2021.09.25 13:34 FireAngel250 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TOPPATCLAN!! 🎉

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2021.09.25 13:34 Nan_owo Deimos is a color

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2021.09.25 13:34 newsdk Paw styrtede på sin motorcykel - mens han lå på hospitalet blev den stjålet fra uheldsstedet

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2021.09.25 13:34 SnooSketches9759 Thano's only nightmare

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2021.09.25 13:34 Adoptme_alien ~shop~

Welcome to Aliens shop ^^
~This is a robux, RH and BGS!
~I only take Am sorry :<
~current stock : 1k
-NO tax-
(will show proof in discussion)
~gamepass method
~Must use MM when trading
~Unless u feel comfortable w going first!
-RH info-
~ MM details apply!
~ old pics of inv pinned to profile
~ I will lyk weather its sold or not!
~ I take AM robux and MM2!
~ after we make a deal we move to dms to discuss!
~ I have 50-100k dims rn
- BGS info -
~Ill take screenshot of my inv if ur interested in it!
~ MM details still apply!
~ I take RBX MM2 RH and AM (preferably AM)
~ DM or comment ur offer! ~
^^ Tysm for reading have a lovely day/night! ^^
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2021.09.25 13:34 Divinity-_- Hey wattson mains! What do y'all think of my wattson banner?

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2021.09.25 13:34 Twin-Snakes Sublime - SNP PREP at 25% OFF, Also 10% OFF for new users CLEAN10

Processing img r2lpjf23ymp71...
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2021.09.25 13:34 Fickle_Profession_70 Drew Guts for the first time, let me know what you think

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2021.09.25 13:34 Tudyks Felt like sharing my little addition to my camp.

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2021.09.25 13:34 jfaisdgjsoidfjg Is や as an ending particle really a "Kansai dialect" thing, or is it used by people everywhere now?

だね?ー>やね? (and also spelled as 屋根 online)
I feel like I heasee a lot of people using this ending online, much more so than I notice other patterns of Kansai dialect. Is this something that is used throughout Japan? If so, is it something that has only recently become more popular? I'm not confident enough to try to use it myself, but would it be seen as strange for 外人 to use this or is it okay?
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2021.09.25 13:34 ghostlight1969 The Graduate (1967)

Sorry for the long read…
I had never seen this movie up until last night. Not because it didn’t appeal, but simply because it never came my way. And I tend to buy movies on DVD (yes, I still buy DVDs and Blu Rays) that I am familiar with. But it came up on the BBC a couple of nights ago and I figured I’d sit down and watch it, as it was deemed a classic.
An interesting movie and not at all what I expected. For example, I had no real idea about Elaine because her mother, Mrs Robinson, was always the big highlight of the movie, and the one most parodied.
I liked the way that the film turned around the traditional narrative of boy-meets-girl-boy-falls-in-love-with-girl’s-mother and have Ben fall for Mrs Robinson first. Although he didn’t: he confessed to her that he met her out of boredom and that she was the only exciting thing in his day-to-day life.
His uncertainty at what he wants to do with his life is cleverly represented in the first ten minutes of the film. I liked how the camera followed him up-close as he attempted to navigate the party, with people coming in to congratulate him, even sometimes completely blocking the shot. I’ve always enjoyed Hoffman as an actor and here he plays someone teetering on the very edge of an anxiety attack. The tightness of the shots gives us the audience that same sense of claustrophobia. Interestingly, the tight field of view opens up briefly when the camera pans across a gap in the people to Mrs Robinson sat watching him. She was only on-screen for a second but was a brilliant and unexpected segue, and we knew in that moment what her intentions were.
Ben’s confinement was further examined, and exaggerated a couple of scenes later. The completely surreal scene with the diving suit, restricting Ben’s vision further and making the world appear like some TV show or theatre play. I loved the shot of him lying at the bottom of the pool, completely isolated from everything else but as the camera zoomed out, rather than indicating drowning, it felt to me that he was beginning to find his freedom.
Of course, mention should be made of the ‘seduction’ scene, when Ben takes Mrs Robinson home and she absolutely runs rings around him, feigning offence when she thinks he thinks she’s trying to seduce him. She seems to take pleasure in his discomfort, and Ben, still trying to stick to social convention (even though he obviously wishes to break out of it) is desperately trying to diffuse the situation, but he doesn’t have the man-of-the-world experience to do so. The dialogue is chaotic and rambling, which gives it a more real-world sense.
I noticed that Ben’s character has three distinct phases. The first is before he meets and is seduced by Mrs Robinson, the second when he starts to date Elaine. I really didn’t like his character at this point. There are no real likeable characters in The Graduate, apart from Elaine. His treatment of her in the strip club was disgusting and reminded me of Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver taking Betsy to an adult movie. Here I felt that Bickle didn’t have the empathy to realise how uncomfortable it would have made her, but in The Graduate, Ben purposefully took Elaine somewhere to inflict maximum discomfort. The tears of hurt and fear she shed as the stripper is stood behind her was an incredibly moving scene.
And in the Third Phase, Ben I think becomes likeable again, though disturbingly ‘stalk-ey’. Proof that he still doesn’t have the life experience to deal with the situation or his feelings. Was he really in love with Elaine? Or was she just another mechanism of escape? I’d like to think that he did genuinely love Elaine but possibly for the wrong reasons. I’m pretty sure that as they rode away on the bus together, their future was not necessarily going to be a fulfilled one.
I cannot believe just how much of the final scene had been done in Wayne’s World 2, almost frame-by-frame. This meant that perhaps I looked upon the ending as parody but tried to put that aside. The closing shot of them on the bus together is of course a classic image. The bus sliding into the distance was a perfect ending.
And mention has to be made of the score. Simon and Garfunkel’s music completely encapsulates the 60s' West Coast vibe, especially when Ben is driving to Berkeley. Pure Americana. After watching The Graduate, The Sound of Silence now makes much more sense and is the soul of the movie.
Overall, a great film. It’s never going to be in my Top 10 but I definitely see the cultural significance of it. Hoffman, as a then young actor, was utterly brilliant in it. But I do have to give more credit to Katharine Ross as Elaine than I do to Anne Bancroft as Mrs Robinson, simply because she was a more sympathetic character. Not to say that Bancroft wasn’t great in this. She played the role of Alpha Female extremely well. The fact that she acted her role knowing that there was a great more depth to her character that was never fully explained is testament to her acting skill.
A couple of funny moments. Like when Ben tried to kiss Mrs Robinson and that she waited to exhale her cigarette smoke until after she’d finished. Ben’s first visit to the hotel and having to wait for about twenty old people to walk through the door. And of course, “Plastics!”
I’d give the movie a 7/10.
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2021.09.25 13:34 boyamidry What type of pvp account can i turn this bad boy into? 90 combat atm

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2021.09.25 13:34 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 13:34 omran_kheder Tho you're always like this

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