Ne diyorsun amk

2021.09.25 14:00 Esadbyk Ne diyorsun amk

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2021.09.25 14:00 farklinkbot "We want to provide the support to our soldiers, and we will do everything we can to help their wish come true. We appreciate any donations to help get Sgt. Whiskers and her babies to safety." Let's give them a hand on Caturday

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2021.09.25 14:00 No_Discount_6698 bruh

the face when you watch current wrestling
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2021.09.25 14:00 LongJohnGeissla It's a trap!

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2021.09.25 14:00 roarbash Mining on bear market, how is it?

Lets say for example i mine 100 raven coins per day now, in the bear market the dificulty drops right? do i mine more coins per day?
Trying to figure if i sell my gpus after the bullrun or if i keep them and keep mining, assuming the reward in crypto is higher due to dificulty drop, i dont mind paying the eletric out of my pocket and hold the coins.
Im new to this mining stuff and i kinda got addicted to this, but i have no clue how actually the bear market is for miners, im on the long run, pretending to hold for atleast 4 years or so
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2021.09.25 14:00 General_Alex21 Bayzed Amazon India

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2021.09.25 14:00 Voss-Chan Update:The black box thing now is on most top layer now u can customize ur layout comfortably in ur small phone as in recent post i complain about it..

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2021.09.25 14:00 CronoDroid PURPLE KISS - Ring Ding Dong (orig. SHINee) (M2 Relay Dance Again)

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2021.09.25 14:00 PsychosCave Sex Education Seasons 1 & 2 RECAP

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2021.09.25 14:00 Agitated-Seesaw-1144 Join the void

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2021.09.25 14:00 Downtown_Bad After 7 days finally got in hand

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2021.09.25 14:00 the_settlements Is there a tutorial on setting up a media server through a different OS other than Windows?

I was watching a Linus Tech Tips video yesterday and he was setting up a NAS through Unraid using 20 bays of SSD's. From what it sounds like it was specifically for Plex, but I could be wrong. I want something like this myself, but that's only a dream.
Setting up a different OS isn't though. All I've known is Windows and I want to take a crack at using something else. I see people on this sub and other subs talking about using Docker or Linux. Linus showing some of Unraid looks pretty neat. Are there tutorials showing how to setup a media server with an OS other than Windows? I feel this can help me get into systems outside of Windows. Thanks everyone.
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2021.09.25 14:00 allintraders How much Shib should a newbie start with?

So i’m new to the Shib army and i’m wondering how much should i start with. I see a lot of people positing about 1 billion coins, how much do you start with? What do you think is a good staring amount? thanks!
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2021.09.25 14:00 sammyboy009 Riot needs to do something about people going afk mid match and it's literally 4v5 and i don't even know what's the point of playing the whole match just to get heavy negative points at least be considerate. It's very annoying

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2021.09.25 14:00 My_name_is_Bot Greenpoint Pride Unites Local Businesses for LGBTQIA+ Fundraising -

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2021.09.25 14:00 SzegedNewsBotka Jubileumi koncert

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2021.09.25 14:00 RaysBot Game Chat: 9/25 Marlins (64-89) @ Rays (95-59) 6:10 PM

Marlins (64-89) @ Rays (95-59) First Pitch: 6:10 PM at Tropicana Field

Pitcher TV Radio
Marlins Sandy Alcantara (9-13, 3.05 ERA) BSFL WINZ, WAQI (ES)
Rays Shane McClanahan (9-6, 3.51 ERA) BSSUN WDAE, WMGG/WTMP (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Libera: ##baseball

Line Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
MIA 0 0 0
TB 0 0 0
Box Score
Lineups will be posted at game time.
Posted at 8:00 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2021.09.25 14:00 2throwawaythrowaway Weird date error while filling self assessment tax details. What to do?

I'm filling the ITR on my mother's behalf for 2020-21. She had some tax liability so I paid the money. Now when I'm filling the challan details (BCR code, date of deposit etc), I'm getting this weird date error that says "Date of Deposit cannot be prior to 01-04-2020".
My date of payment is 12-09-2021. How is it prior to 01-04-2020? I tried calling on the 'Contact Us' numbers on the website, nobody is picking up. I made a tweet and tagged the IT dept. but didn't get any resolution. I also emailed on the advice of an office senior but again, no reply. I have also tried logging out and in many times. I still get the same error.
What else can I do now?
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2021.09.25 14:00 Room_Psychological assisted suicide should be legal and anyone against it has never felt suicidal in their life (i know i cant spell)

their are people who end up living to 50 working at McDonalds for 30 years and having no one not a friend or partner. a person like should have the right to die. people who are parallelized from the neck down and are forced to exist because their selfish family want him to be a statue. they have the right to die to. no one cares for a person until they are dead. school put up memorials of suicide victims who they ignored getting bullied and yelled at for not doing their homework because they where to busy trying stay alive.
yes i am suicidel no it dosent get better and i dont want your help
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2021.09.25 14:00 efitz11 9/24 Highlight Roundup: FastCast, top plays, recaps/condensed games and longest dongs of the day

Cardinals extend streak to 14 games leads FastCast - 07:32
Daily Dash: Arenado's long throw, Díaz picks off Belt - 00:54
9/24/21 Real Fast: Cards extend streak, Fried dazzles - 01:00
Quick Pitch: Mullins homers, Fried twirls gem - 09:05
9/24/21: Top 5 Plays of the Day - 00:59
Quick Pitch explores Premier Plays from September 24 - 00:59
Tyler O'Neill's 454-ft. home run - 00:35
Bader's 453-foot home run - 00:31
SPOILERS FOLLOW, to get the same table with scores hidden, go to the comments.

STL 8, CHC 5, F/7 recap - 04:56 condensed - 08:36
STL 12, CHC 4, F/7 recap - 05:59 condensed - 08:16
TEX 8, BAL 5 recap - 04:50 condensed - 07:55
PIT 6, PHI 8 recap - 04:59 condensed - 08:00
KC 3, DET 1 recap - 04:08 condensed - 07:25
WSH 7, CIN 8, F/11 recap - 04:48 condensed - 09:27
CWS 1, CLE 0 recap - 03:15 condensed - 07:04
MIA 0, TB 8 recap - 04:20 condensed - 08:13
NYY 8, BOS 3 recap - 04:16 condensed - 07:53
SF 7, COL 2 recap - 04:19 condensed - 08:08
TOR 1, MIN 3 recap - 04:59 condensed - 08:23
SD 6, ATL 5, F/7 recap - 04:33 condensed - 08:15
NYM 1, MIL 5 recap - 04:51 condensed - 07:01
SEA 6, LAA 5 recap - 04:47 condensed - 09:45
LAD 4, ARI 2 recap - 04:01 condensed - 07:39
HOU 2, OAK 14 recap - 04:47 condensed - 08:27
ATL 4, SD 0 recap - 04:34 condensed - 07:50
Longest dongs of the day:
30 Tyler O'Neill Justin Steele 2 454 107.9 32 video
28 Patrick Wisdom Jack Flaherty 2 453 106.6 31 video
13 Harrison Bader Adam Morgan 1 453 109.0 25 video
22 Brandon Crawford Peter Lambert 1 442 106.1 28 video
42 Marcus Semien Bailey Ober 1 439 103.8 29 video
17 AJ Pollock Humberto Castellanos 2 430 103.4 24 video
4 Chad Pinder Brooks Raley 4 425 108.8 34 video
27 Brandon Belt Ashton Goudeau 1 424 103.7 39 video
30 Jose Altuve Frankie Montas 1 422 103.4 25 video
1 Delino DeShields Paolo Espino 1 420 103.3 33 video
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2021.09.25 14:00 selcuksofta Mide botoksu sonrası tekrar kilo almamak gerekiyor

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2021.09.25 14:00 heartpassenger Spicy Chili garlic cooked salad with crispy aubergine, marinaded tofu, spring onion, wilted cabbage, and avocado 🌱🌶🥵 simple and delicious!

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2021.09.25 14:00 My_name_is_Bot City Of Rye: Ida Update | Rye, NY Patch -

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2021.09.25 14:00 RoadkillUKUK Is this an equivalent replacement for the other (Fluorescent Ballast)

My light went out and I assumed it was the ballast seeing as how there is a ballast, 2 tubes and a switch.
I took the original (3AAA) to a local shop and he sold me the Tridonic unit.
Should the new one work with the 2 x 24 watt T5 tubes?
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2021.09.25 14:00 BloodMossHunter new wallpaper

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