Showing off my new autumn apparel

2021.09.25 13:29 melanifotos Showing off my new autumn apparel

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2021.09.25 13:29 lochydjango blackmirror Subreddit Statistics

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2021.09.25 13:29 Imperioclose GRUPO TELEGRAM

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2021.09.25 13:29 Alert-Screen-7967 Eligible and still nothing processed for September or pending in the bank? Same status for hubby and myself. WTH

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2021.09.25 13:29 Ok-Pain7015 Does anyone know a free website I can upload my DNA data to for my Y and MT haplogroups

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2021.09.25 13:29 newchet Stacy Keibler

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2021.09.25 13:29 piss_on_clowns My sakinorva result! What do you guys think?

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2021.09.25 13:29 Spiritual_Exchange47 How do I create an tor onion adress for my clearnet website ( mirror )

I want to create an mirror tor onion domain for my already existing website. How to do it?
I have a domain , using Webflow to build the website.
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2021.09.25 13:29 Parking-Inflation703 Do you

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2021.09.25 13:29 TrynaPercPop H: SE25lvc Laser Rifle W: Legacy offers

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2021.09.25 13:29 KingofFife My boy is so dapper

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2021.09.25 13:29 nikola_mihaylov Le grail acquired, local 3€ store find

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2021.09.25 13:29 Nihilum_3 for u/optigirl97

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2021.09.25 13:29 the_meme_master123 What happens after every human in the world has become a zombie in a zombie movie?

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2021.09.25 13:29 ImpossibleSimple7166 Secrecy - stay silent.

I know you're going through many experiences.
But you should stay quiet.
As soon as you say something, you can create waves in your being, that attracts negative entities that take opportunity to attack you, because you're too damn excited about your abnormal and unusual experiences.
This is not the time to go out and about screaming that you have found something higher.
This is a time to stay quiet - not just online but in daily life, in private life, even in close spiritual circles - never let anyone know about your experiences - this you must realise now or you will realise it later.
Stay Silent, Hold On, Endure and Have Faith.
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2021.09.25 13:29 Let_Me_Fly_ If you could ask the Devil a question ,what would it be ?

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2021.09.25 13:29 ImGayDontMindMe (long post ahead) What should I do next?

This is going to be a really long post so beware.
I'm a gay teenager so although this may seem irrelevant or nothing I need to vent.
2 years ago I started dating my first bf. I'm going to call him x. X is a porn addict. X didn't like me and only agreed to date me because he was desperate and during our relationship he kind of pretended I was this crush but then decided it was a bad idea and left me through a cruel note. Some days after the breakup i started interacting with y. Y was very insecure and had just found out Abt his orientation and thus wasn't ready for a relationship but he still asked me out. We dated for some months but I ended up breaking up with him because it was simply not working out. Shortly after x asked me out and I being stupid said yes. This time around things were going well until he tried to rape me and broke up with me the day after. Some days later quarantine happens and I spend the rest of the school year at home. Fast forward to September 2020. New school year! I meet a really nice person whom we'll be calling z. The more I know him the more I realize he's close to being my soulmate and I start falling for him. I find out he was x's crush from last year and they had been dating since quarantine. They haven't done anything yet so I end up telling him Abt my feelings and he tells me he likes me too. We date for 2 weeks, and oh we're those two weeks good they were the best of my life. I end up being in love with z. But he hadn't broken up with x yet. So one day out of the blue he breaks up with me and goes with x. After someone I was in love with went with someone who tried to rape me and me losing my friends I end up having depression for 4 months. The fact x and z were dating all this time and I couldn't tell x abt what happened didn't help. One way or another I get over it and meet w. W and I like each other and he found out abt his sexuality not long ago. We end up dating and we date for a long 5 months until he breaks up with me and moves on, but at least he gave me reasons, contrary to x's and z's break ups. I get over it soon enough and I start hanging out with z again. X and z are still dating and are at 1 year 2 months. I start having strong feelings for z again. And when we hung out I though there was a spark coming back and x coming to me for help because z isn't talking or being with him only reaffirms my theory. So I talk to z in behalf of x and tell him that he should talk with him and that if he's going to break up with x he shall do it soon not to hurt him. In those seconds I tell him I prepare for the confirmation and I receive the answer for z while in the park we had all our moments in. He says he isn't going to break up with x and he is just confused, and I feel like a bullet just got shot at my heart. I realize that most probably all this time I was imagining the connection and reality snaps me. After that I feel like shit for betraying my friend x and all. I decide it's better for me not to interact with z for some time to get over it but the two days I ignored him he came to where I was and observed me all the time. The third day he ends up talking to me and I end up talking to him too because I couldn't ignore him more. Two days after that I messaged him and told him that I needed some distance from him in order for him and x to figure things out and for me to figure out my shit too. Then I blocked him after he asked me a bunch of questions. That was yesterday. I hope I can keep it up this time and not interact with him, but I still wonder if he likes me.
As you can see in all of this I always end up in the worst position and I'm starting to be sick of it tbh. Should I do something else?
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2021.09.25 13:29 cloudy_skies547 COVID-19 variant R.1 is ‘something really to watch,' researcher says. The R.1 variant was first detected in the U.S. in a Kentucky nursing home in March --a nursing home where almost all of the residents were vaccinated.

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2021.09.25 13:29 SedentaryPedant Siri, how do I fix insomnia?

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2021.09.25 13:29 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 13:29 davidindigitaland Cliff Richard & The Young Ones - Living Doll

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2021.09.25 13:29 Sondrellis Which pc parts?

Hi, I want to build a good pc, what is a cheap and a good pc with 3060 or something like that.
Please help me with this. Say some pc builds.
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2021.09.25 13:29 milonuttigrain Turkey’s Erdogan should learn a bit of history before declaring war on cryptocurrencies. 1 USD = 9 Lira in 1969 but 1 USD = 1,350,000 Lira in 2005.

They say “Before you start a war, you’d better know what you’re fighting for”. What has he got as his weapon?
The economy of Turkey is the 20th largest in the world, however it suffers from chronic inflation. Here are the history of the Turkish lira.
Data taken from the fxtop website:
1960s: 1 USD = 9 Lira
1970: 1 USD = 11.30 Lira
1975: 1 USD = 14.40 Lira
1980: 1 USD = 80 Lira
1985: 1 USD = 500 Lira
1990: 1 USD = 2,500 Lira
1995: 1 USD = 43,000 Lira
2000: 1 USD = 620,000 Lira
2001: 1 USD = 1,250,000 Lira
2005: 1 USD = 1,350,000 Lira
The Guiness record book even listed the Lira as the world’s least valuable currency in 1995, 1996 and 1999 to 2004.
There were so many zeros that Turkey passed a law to remove the last 6 zeros to create a new currency, the new Lira.
But the story doesn’t end here, the second Lira has been doing a poor job as well.
2005: 1 USD = 1.344 TRY
2015: 1 USD = 2.720 TRY
2020: 1 USD = 7.023 TRY
2021-06: 1 USD = 8.581 TRY
So in a mere 15 years, the second new lira lost 85% of its value again. Bloomberg reported that the Turkish lira is one of the quickest collapsing currency in 2021.
See the theme? A dictator trying to protect his fiat currency. Another Venezuela in hindsight.
Wake up and see how cryptocurrencies can help your country, Mr Erdogan. Don’t end up like Venezuela.
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2021.09.25 13:29 teddy-bearz Is Jerry welcome here?

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2021.09.25 13:29 I-am-the-one1383 That kid got roasted so bad

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