What's the weirdest advert you've ever seen on TV?

2021.09.25 15:08 beetlelol What's the weirdest advert you've ever seen on TV?

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2021.09.25 15:08 Kooky_Beluga Crucible for the past 7 years. (I only watch others play it)

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2021.09.25 15:08 blibe8 Pick a number.

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2021.09.25 15:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - Britain’s Covid-era university students may suffer ‘impostor syndrome’ | Guardian

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2021.09.25 15:08 ZB652 UK Amazfit shipping

Does anybody know where UK Amazfit ship from,the details on the site are pretty vague?
I ordered a Bip U Pro from a store in the UK,but they are messing about keep changing the delivery dates,they have cancelled 2 delivery dates so far,and now it's some time next month they claim to be getting them from the manufacturer,so I'm looking for somewhere else to purchase from.
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2021.09.25 15:08 Steve_Jones16 A

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2021.09.25 15:08 Altruistic_Hope831 Looking for earphones that are close to invisible on camera. Having trouble finding one's that don't affect how I hear myself. No budget. Like what do top musicians and news anchors use?

Thanks. Let me know if there's any other info you need.
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2021.09.25 15:08 sheisthefight Anyone know what event this was at? DragCon presumably.

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2021.09.25 15:08 All4clash [Recruiting] Thunderknights (QUPC29JL)|Looking for active, chatty non-rushed warriors

Don't Let Your Clan Make Clashing a Chore! Clash with Us and Worry No More!
❓Do you experience loneliness in your clan chat?
❓Are your daily CC requirements not being met?
❓Are your Clan Game points too low?
❓Maybe the league shields in your clan seem colorless?
❓Were you excluded from CWL and you know it’s not your breath?
These are all signs that you might be suffering from INACTIVE CLANITIS
But worry not! Thunderknights has the cure for all your woes.If you’re an active player who likes to war, looking for a home- we can help you!
ThunderKnights is a level 17 active warring clan (#QUPC29JL) for Th10+ We war three times a week. We are looking for Clashers who like to war.
Battle hardened heroes can keep you updated on latest strategies with lots of friendly challenges- generous donors keep you locked and loaded for the grueling multiplayer battles- our warm campground fires are always lit ready for tales of glorious replays. Learn a new attack, practice an old one, master war techniques in a safe, fun environment! No onerous donation requirements- but keep a league shield.
We participate in CWL & max out Clan Games every time!
*We are US based, (all times are EST), English speaking, mature, -no drama. Clan rules are in the clan description. We ask Clashers to be active in chat and to war as often as possible.
POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS ❗️Whiplash from quick response times to donation requests
❗️Joint pain from constant checking of clan chat
❗️Overload of war loot
❗️Maxed Clan Game rewards- top tier every time
❗️Low war pressure
❗️An inability to think of anything but Clash
So how do you join this outstanding clan? No need to send messages. Simply request to join using the password- Go Knights! One of our professional, friendly clashers will help in your recovery.
TLDR- Great clan (QUPC29JL) looking for th10+ non rushed warriors. Sleepers/farmers need not apply- request to join.
My IGN is Lady Laura and I look forward to meeting you!
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2021.09.25 15:08 BigTastyNL FS: 3 Crosby Penguins Edge 1.0 (all 56 MIC - 2 BNWT) $250 each obo + open to trades (PIT/WBS/Wheeling)

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2021.09.25 15:08 Simpson_Plays Pls check out my latest video

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2021.09.25 15:08 MightyMoose183 Should Christians keep the Sabbath?

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2021.09.25 15:08 pawelf1 Lando Norris z pole position, wyniki kwalifikacji do GP Rosji 2021

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2021.09.25 15:08 theboringbrandon Wii and Gamecube Games That Need Remakes

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2021.09.25 15:08 StickitNRipIt Advice needed

So I’m hunting 5C in PA and have been hunting this same spot for years. I usually throw out a blind call maybe every 20-30 minutes and have had deer still come through my area. I have also done sits where I don’t make a sound and also have seen deer. However, I have not seen any significant size bucks except one while rattling in early October. So my question is, with it still being late September should I keep doing blind calls? If so should I be doing grunts or doe bleats? Any advice would be great!
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2021.09.25 15:08 boumm What is the potential gain of going VT (USD) Vs VEQT

Hi everyone, just a quick question as I was questioning my strategy due to the "new" no fee brokerage in Canada. I always used VEQT/XEQT, in my RRSP to optimize fees. With the annonce of no fee transactions of some major banks in Canada, I am wondering how much would you save by switching money with Norbert Gambit (0$ fees) into my RRSP USD account and buying something like VT. I assume I would same on fees (0.2% vs 0.08%) but is it right to assume I would also save on dividend withholding tax (15 %) therefore another (approx. 0.2%) ? I am well aware that the holdings in VEQT vs VT are not the same as there is little Canadian equity in the VT, but the no fee transaction brings this possibility of small contribution over time using Norbert Gambit which was not the case before.
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2021.09.25 15:08 Buggs2230 I Am (25F) want to break up with my (39M) boyfriend.

Okay, not to long ago, I discovered that he was texting just about every girl he could. He also joined a couple of dating apps. It caught me completely off guard. I confronted him about it, but he says he was only texting them, but I highly doubt that. It’s not the first time, and I’m sick of it now. I should’ve to have this kind of problem. I, no long, trust him, but he is currently going through a really tough spot. Not only that, but I got myself into a lease with him, and he lost his job soon after. It was long until I discovered the cheating. I also have seen plenty of naked pics of other women that now have me question him. When we started talking, I would see a pic of naked girl, but we weren’t together, so I let it go. I thought I would have to worry about any other that after he asked me to be his girlfriend. I wanna dumb him, but he’s currently unemployed but trying hard to find a job, but I think he’s still cheating. Likewise, I found a code from tinder, so I know he’s still looking for other girls. What do I do? Plus, it’s a struggle trying to pay all the bills by myself. I mean if I am I would like to have the apartment to myself without a possible cheating bf. I feel like he’s using me. Plus, I’ve noticed a possible serious drug problem that is scaring me. I always knew that he did hard drugs in the pass,, but those days were behind him. I recently discovered that that might not be true. I don't know what to do. Any advice.
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2021.09.25 15:08 MaxiTheMapper Russian Empire Redesign

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2021.09.25 15:08 DutchHeIs Im building but I'm not building?

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2021.09.25 15:08 arunavakun Get ready to rock on with Retsuko in AGGRETSUKO SEASON 4 coming December 2021 only on Netflix

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2021.09.25 15:08 silent_perkele When MOASS happens, let's occupy Wall Street again.

I had an idea, just as I was sitting on the toilet (hence shitpost) - remember how they were laughing at the crowd, drinking champagne and taking photos during the Occupy Wall Street movement?
I'd like to return them the favour. What about bringing some champagne to the Street and, laughing into their windows, drinking champagne and taking photos of them?
I know, we say "don't dance". But however people get fucked up because of these parasites, we have a chance to make everyone's life better in the long run after MOASS, and we can support those in need, hopefully.
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2021.09.25 15:08 FuckTheCCP123 My new organization

Hello all, I recently formed an organization known as Traditional Front, we’re a paleo-libertarian group that’s looking for members. https://discord.gg/MUkPCSTk
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2021.09.25 15:08 Flying-Crash Anyone wanna play some valorant?

I’m a gold 2 on NA servers.
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2021.09.25 15:08 Sharpeye21 I’ve been watching nelk 5+ years

Nelk has had some hiccups over the years I’m not gonna lie, but Kyle really knows his shit when somethings wrong or off with the videos and would jump to fix it. He brought Canadian hockey slang to market which was genius. I just loved how Canadian and real it was at some points and most of the pranks were good. Very proud of Kyle and Jessie specifically, good to see them leave commie Canada to experience true beauty in FL. Or whatever tf Jessie’s doing.
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2021.09.25 15:08 DonJohn_86 Wife

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