Della called.

2021.10.19 08:49 Intrepid_Wanderer Della called.

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2021.10.19 08:49 highnchillin_ Psychedelic Projection on a Building in Bucharest [EPILEPSY]

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2021.10.19 08:49 Responsible_Emu3601 Value day change% 92.72…12k .. am I doing this right?

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2021.10.19 08:49 Plastic_Ad857 Pocket full of fossils to first comment! Pls have dodo ready so I can drop off

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2021.10.19 08:49 ZoolShop Tesco opens its first shop without tills today

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2021.10.19 08:49 Darkspine77 Figured I'd Get My Squid Game Costume Ready For Halloween

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2021.10.19 08:49 Cultural_Attache Special Ops Train To Defend Strategic Aleutian Islands Radar Outpost During All-Out War

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2021.10.19 08:49 HeebiGeebi Why is Pokemon Black/White 2 so expensive?

So i don't know if it's only this gen so expensive, but I was at a game store that sold all sorts of games, old and new. Was looking for Pokémon soul silver, noticed Black 2 and it was $115 (CAD$)! The case for it was pretty scuffed up, not even sealed. I went on ebay and saw the game was roughly the same price on there. Is it considered like a collector item or something now? If people want to play they could also use ROMs and such.
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2021.10.19 08:49 NoGemuNoRaifu BATTLE ROUND 2 : ABOVE

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2021.10.19 08:49 makesyouthink94 kevin moment

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2021.10.19 08:49 Lexii_17 How does one put themselves out there?

I’d really like to learn how to get out more but I’d like some ideas on how some of you put yourself out there? What does it mean to do this? Because I try and feel like I’m not doing it right.
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2021.10.19 08:49 hgilbert_01 Please, anyone else into liminal space photography?

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2021.10.19 08:49 Diarrhea4Brunch What's something you've never seen in person?

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2021.10.19 08:49 TimeTangerine4656 Weed is a pita ....need em plugs

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2021.10.19 08:49 Suspicious_Pea_4146 Madison Ginley she shows off her sexy butt in the gym

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2021.10.19 08:49 Vandeth_Kenji [WTS] King Seiko Cap Gold serviced

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2021.10.19 08:49 manicaquariumcats Hypothetically, could you make a transit chart for a synastry chart?

I’m new to both synastry and tracking transits across my natal chart. i’m wondering if there’s some way to see how transits are effecting a synastry chart? or would i have to individually look at each birth chart and cross-interpret them?
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2021.10.19 08:49 blue_canoe42 [25/M] Calling all badass women, even if you don't think you're badass...Stop on by!

Ive come to realize recently that I do not have many female friendships in my life. Unfortunately my workplace does not cater to meeting anyone other than 60yr old men who smoke, and the pandemic thwarted any chance of meeting anyone locally.
I've realized it's time for a change. Fuck all that stereotypical "guys can't be friends with girls without wanting them" BS. If you wanna have a heart to heart, let's talk it out. If you wanna get drunk on Discord and shit talk/gossip, let's go that sounds legit. Let's have a heated debated about how mint chocolate chip is the superior ice cream flavor.
Let be friends!
Just a bit about myself.
I'm a self proclaimed wood whisperer, a bark butcher, someone who inhales wood dust, and exhales curses after fucking up. I am a woodworker.
I like to backpack, read in hammocks, cook, play videogames, and work on cars. I'm innately curious about any project or hobby you might have. I am on the verge of adopting a dog and I need that final push from some random internet strangehopefully future homie!
Message me (chat) and suggest future dog names
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2021.10.19 08:49 oatmilktea13 [17f] bad day but minecraft will fix it!

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2021.10.19 08:49 Pikapurpijamas Probably false memory but did the 'baked potato' have a different, longer name in old MCPE?

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2021.10.19 08:49 OldNeb [PS3/XB360?][2010s] Weird Cult Classic Horror Game with Twin Peaks vibes

Platforms: I'm pretty sure it was from the PS3 generation because of the graphics I remember. It would be older if anything.
Estimated Year of Release: That time period is all a blur in my head. The best I can do is that it was during the PS3 console generation. There's a very small chance it was PS4/XB1, but the graphics I remember were so rough that it could have been either. Almost want to say it was a Wii game due to the graphics, but I don't think that's right.
Genre: I think there are parts where you move around town and shoot evil things, so a bit like alan wake? A bit like silent hill? It is a horror game on the surface, but I don't think it was dark and dismal like alan wake or silent hill, though.
Graphicas/Art Style: typical PS3 generation graphics. Going for realism, not cartoony or stylized. Had bad textures and models IIRC.
Notable Characters: You play as a detective. I think you have a personality inspired by Twin Peaks, but with extra wackiness due to the Japanese developer, who gained some fame for this. IIRC there was an obsession with coffee at the diner.
Notable gameplay mechanics: I'm not sure how much of it was story vs action, but I read reviews that said the action was clunky and felt bad. I think monsters would jump on you and you had to get them off, and it was really hard to aim at them.
Other details: This game was called bad, but it had interesting weird quirks and it got interest. The game opens on people finding the murdered corpse of a woman nailed to a tree. The way people talk and act was "so bad it's good." The game got a re-release and also a sequel IIRC.
Thank you!
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2021.10.19 08:49 peacefulglow89 Bf’s friend seems jealous of me. It’s making me uncomfortable.

Hi, all! So my (F22) bf (M25. actually now fiancé!! Super happy!!!) has a great group of guy friends. It’s been awesome getting to know them over the almost 2 years we’ve been dating. Really good people. But it’s also been a learning curve getting to know each of their unique quirks, particularly their senses of humor. I don’t have much guy friends myself, so some of their jokes can be brutal lol. Now though I’m used to all of it and we all get along great and have a blast together!! Lots of fun. The only thing is, there is one friend in particular who I don’t know that great. I’ve only met him once beforehand, and I liked him and had a good impression of him. He lives pretty far away (next state over) and works for most of the year in another country, so it’s been a few months since we’ve seen him. We’re all in a group chat together (it’s my bf and all of his closest friends) and I even answered his question with the details of the meet up when everyone else was busy and couldn’t respond. I was excited to hang out. At first when we all met up with him it started off good. The problem started later. My bf got up during dinner to use the restroom at the restaurant we were at, and I thought it was ok for me to sit where he was originally sitting instead of the aisle seat. (It was like a really curved booth with little room to get up and out of. Kind of annoying lol and I knew I wasn’t going to use the restroom so. I tend to always sit in the most inward seats anyways haha.) This friend expresses his disappointment because now he is not going to be able to sit next to my bf, and admire his stache. (He kept making comments throughout the night about how much his mustache looks good.) I just laughed it off and continued enjoying the night and talking. When my bf came back, he also complained that he wanted to sit next to him. At first I said I wanted to stay in that seat because of what I mentioned above, but then I realized he hasn’t seen this guy in a while (he’s also leaving soon) and they probably need some bro time. No biggie. I scooched out of the seat and gave it back to him after a few minutes. They got to laugh and joke and it was all good. I even tried to learn more about him and ask questions about his work and time in another country. He responded well, I learned some cool stuff, and it was great that we were finally bonding a bit. After dinner we decided to take a mini road trip and get ice cream somewhere. My bf is the old school gentlemanly type haha and he usually opens my car door for me (we were all in the same car). Instead his other friend (not the one I’m talking about in this post) opened the door for me. He kind of beat me to it, I was not expecting it nor did I ask for him to do that at all. But it was super nice of him and I thanked him. That second friend said “Dude, I just opened the door for your own girlfriend!! What are ya doin?” Kind of teasing him about “doing his job” lol. My bf said sorry that he wasn’t paying attention. He was in a conversation with the first friend. No problem. This is where the uncomfortable behavior starts. The friend says, “He’s my boyfriend now.” It kind of caught me off guard. Where is this coming from? Was he joking? Was he..being serious? I tried to laugh it off again but it made me feel bad. I felt a lot of weird, negative energy coming from him for no reason. Like it was passive aggressive. Why are we competing for my boyfriend now? Like, why is that even a thing? I’m just trying to have a fun night. None of his other friends have ever made comments like this. I am the girlfriend. You are the friends. Everyone knows who they are to him and where they are in his life. No need to get jealous about it. We always keep PDA to a minimum. I don’t mind blending in for the night and talking about whatever they want to talk about. I try to make jokes (not at someone’s expense) and get to know them, ask about things I know are important to them. Show them I care. All of them are perfectly ok with me tagging along sometimes (my bf always asks and invites me. I don’t ask myself. I don’t want to intrude.) My bf doesn’t respond to this comment so I try to move on as well. Then it happens AGAIN later on during the night. We were talking about his future bachelor party (just something random that came up. We already knew we were gonna get engaged soon), his guy friends were sharing ideas on what to do. Just having fun talking about it. I didn’t interrupt or take over the conversation, I know it’s a guy’s thing. I only said once: no sexual activities with other women. That’s just me. Then I dropped it and let them keep talking about what they wanted to do. This friend then chimes in and says, “Yeah, but she didn’t say no sexual activities with men.” At this point I completely ignore what he said, no laughter from me, and I’m also kind of annoyed. I’m trying to just enjoy things, yet here he goes again making a passive aggressive comment towards me about my bf. Why?? Why the need to make this weird and to always bring this up? To take yet another jab? No one addressed it, not even my bf, and they all just skipped over what he said and kept talking about something else. I know people have different senses of humor, but I don’t KNOW him that well and I’m just going off of what is currently happening. This is only the second time meeting up. It seems like he is secretly jealous of my relationship with my bf and maybe also has a crush on him. At the very least he seems annoyed with me and maybe doesn’t want me there. This hurts my feelings. All I want is respect, even if he doesn’t like me and for some reason thinks I’m stealing him away (which imo is kind of an immature mindset), at least be polite and courteous. If you really have something to say, talk to my bf about it in private. My bf hasn’t brought this up to me, an explanation that “this is how he jokes around” would have been helpful. Lol. I would just drop it but we are hanging out this weekend with the whole group again and telling them the big news. At first I was excited to go and celebrate with them because it’s such a beautiful place and town. And we’re close now. But now I’m kind of bracing myself for a day of uncomfortable jokes and awkward tension. This is the last time we’re going to see him before he goes back to work in a different country for a while. I want to talk to my bf about it in a few days when we see each other, not tell him to do anything about the situation but maybe let him know how these things make me feel and kind of give him a heads up. Some support and understanding would really help. And honestly it would be awesome if my bf let the guy know that jokes like that make me uncomfortable. It feels like he is purposely doing it and pushing my buttons. I understand you want to hang out with one of your closest friends, but I’m not the enemy here. If my bf wanted to hang out with them by himself I wouldn’t insist and I would be totally ok with it. But he loves bringing me around, and I do too. I’m kind of dreading it now tbh because I don’t want to be on guard the whole time waiting for him to say something. But then again, we are engaged now!!! We are even more in love with each other which is a crazy and surreal feeling. I have even noticed my bf is putting me first more in other areas and also more lovey dovey with me and anticipating my needs a bit more. Also me with him. I feel like we can talk about anything and everything, and that once I tell him we will be able to resolve it quickly and work like a team. I don’t like these things his friend is saying and instead of enjoying the night I am in my head thinking about what he means, what’s wrong, and trying to get him to like me more. I don’t want to just “take it.” Hopefully that all makes sense! This issue aside I think he is a nice person. I just want to get along, have fun, and not have everything be this weird unspoken competition for my bf lol. Especially now that we are going to be a part of each other’s lives forever. Any advice on how to go about the situation and the talk with my bf would be great. Thanks so much! Appreciate it. 😊
TLDR: My bf’s guy friend is being passive aggressive towards me and acting jealous. What he says makes me uncomfortable and hurts me. I want to talk to my bf about it.
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2021.10.19 08:49 red_man1212 Tabbar, another banger from Sonyliv. It's a thriller web-series on the lines of Drishyam, watch it for the excellent twists and the effortless performance by the whole cast.

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2021.10.19 08:49 No_Bumblebee_5793 How to securely connect remote VOIP-Clients

Hey there,
We are setting up FG 40F Cluster. Used to be a Sophos UTM9.
Yealink Telephones used to connect via OpenVPN from Home.
Since FG seems to be not be as supportive towards OpenVPN, we are looking for a better alternative then Port Forward.

How do you guys solve that issue ?

Thanks :)
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2021.10.19 08:49 DangerDarsh_2 Some memes for u

Some memes for u
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