Gunshots in Queensborough?

2021.10.19 08:54 atitann Gunshots in Queensborough?

Anyone hear gunshots in Queensborough like 5 minutes ago? I heard what sounded like 6 gunshots then a car speed by afterwards.
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2021.10.19 08:54 1affan1 I hate urges...!!! 😠

It's Day 109 and Right now I'm dealing with the strongest urges so far... I'm on the edge of relapse and continously holding myself away from the shit..
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2021.10.19 08:54 DaDdyWeeBlinG 😅

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2021.10.19 08:54 Afraid-Ear9525 True :)

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2021.10.19 08:54 WillyWarlock Let me out

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2021.10.19 08:54 MaliTheMinecraftCat Warden Heart

Even though the developers said that they won’t be adding loot to the Warden it would be cool if it dropped its heart when killed. My primary idea was that it could be used to craft something similar to a conduit. If I remember correctly that was the thing that let you breath underwater and make building there easier. The Warden conduit could light up areas in a certain radius and prevent the warden and mobs from spawning there. It might sound a bit op but the Warden is more powerful than the Wither or the Enderdragon.
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2021.10.19 08:54 alien_ichor just a heads up, Sideshow Collectibles is selling these 3 figurines/statues and are now available for preorder and monthly payments!

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2021.10.19 08:54 BagIndependent2429 Pretty sure I'm neurodivergent but not entirely sure in which way(s)?

So, I've been working with this therapist with my fiance in couples therapy for about a year, year and a half now. We really love her (as our therapist) and really feel like she gets us. I began to do individual sessions with her several months ago too, so she knows me on an individual level as well.
She is not professionally qualified to diagnose neurodivergent diagnoses, but she does identify herself as being both autistic and having ADHD (inattentive, high functioning), and generally really knows her stuff. She feels really certain that I am neurodivergent, and I feel fairly sure I am too. But nothing seems to quite feel like a fit for me.
I did do some looking into OCD and did meet with an OCD specialist who did formally diagnose me with OCD, but we literally only talked for 2 hours in total and she also said a bunch of other stuff that make me really question her ability to accurately diagnose me. That said, even if the OCD diagnosis is correct, I feel it may not entirely explain what feels... Idk, off? About me.
My therapist feels pretty strongly that inattentive ADHD may be a strong contender for what's going on, and that I just happen to be hugh-functioning and mask well, so I present as pretty strongly neurotypical.
She also suggested PDA (pathologic demand avoidance, subset of autism) as a possibility for me to research for myself, but I don't feel like I have a clear idea of what this actually looks like in real people (as opposed to just symptoms on a page) so I'm unsure how applicable it may be.
tl;dr - I'm wondering about how other high-functioning neurodivergent folks came about their diagnoses (whether formal diagnoses or self-diagnoses) and what advice or insight you may have about what helped you figure out what neurodivergent condition(s) you have.
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2021.10.19 08:54 dem0n0cracy Effects of Water Restriction and Supplementation on Cognitive Performances and Mood among Young Adults in Baoding, China: A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)

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2021.10.19 08:54 GuestRevolutionary52 Hives-like rash comes and goes (in same place)

33F. Average height. Average weight. Using cetirizine daily. Hives-like rash has been appearing on and off for months. No smoking/alcohol/drugs.
I have a fair few low-grade allergies. I'm highly allergic to dustmites according to a skin prick test, but it didn't really pick up too much else. If I don't take 1-2 allergy tablets a day, my whole body will break out into uncontrollable itches by the second day (not just my skin, but it honestly feels like my lungs and inside my ribs are itchy). It can get hard to breathe when that happens, but it's not anaphylactic and no one has ever been too concerned. Some days are better than others. I've been told I have both allergic and non-allergic rhinitis.
I can usually tell a 'high allergy' day when waking up or shortly after. I will have a patch of hives (?) on the inside of my wrist. They are just scattered in a kind of round patch that takes up most of the width of my wrist, just inside where the bumps of the wrist bones are (where the veins are super visible). These tend to be the days that it's hard to breathe or that water stings my skin in the shower etc.
The weird thing is that the patch of hives (little red bumps that look like pimples) will appear in the same area each time. It may last hours or just fade (yesterday's morning's flare up isn't visible this afternoon, but I can still feel the bumps). No doubt it will appear again tomorrow or the next day, so I can upload a picture if needed. I don't put anything on that wrist, so it's not a cosmetic or watch or anything.
So I'm guessing I have an unknown allergy that isn't picked up by an allergy test (which is annoying), but is this patch telling me anything? Is its placement or the fact that it comes and goes unusual?
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2021.10.19 08:54 Monterey-Jack Why are there so many fake text messages on this sub?

I stumbled onto this sub a few days ago and thought it was funny, but after seeing a few posts, it's clear there's very little substance behind anything posted here. None of these texts read as something that would happen in real life, most are cringe. The threads accompanying them are justice porn and idk what you guys think you're getting out of it. Please, cut it out with the text message screenshots or straight up ban them.
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2021.10.19 08:54 Nukerjsr Subtlety IS Overrated

So in the They Live episode, Griffin mentioned that film critics/watchers overvalue the necessity for subtlety in film over very blunt, in-your-face themes and messages. And this is something I’ve noticed a lot within the past few years, especially seeing some social media praise for Squid Game and other foreign media out there that is very critical about capitalism or other universal topics. But I feel that the problem has become a bit multifaceted in the world of media criticism and how one watches film.

First off, I think we’ve turned subtlety into a universal positive. We can name films that have a good subtleties through of a music cue or background prop. But is there such a thing as a film that has bad subtlety? Can something be so subtle that it becomes hard to comprehend or hard to break into? If you notice a theme in a film, does it become subtle anymore? The closest movie I had in mind was It Comes At Night, but that’s more of an issue of marketing and expectation. I feel like because there’s no way you can quantify what bad subtlety is, so people assume that subtlety is always a good thing that all films should use. Which makes me lead to my next point…

What we frame as “good” messaging or thematic storytelling tends to be categorized as subtle. Now admittedly, this isn’t 100% accurate if you look at a film like They Live. However, I think it mostly exists in the way that people assume something that is in-your-face or unsubtle tends to be viewed as lesser art? Like there’s a belief, that the ability to tell a subtle story is more indicative of quality rather than just sitting with what the film is intending to be about. I think there is a level of satisfaction you can feel when you notice extra levels of depth within a film. However, I would attribute that more towards perception or how much you even knew about the film going into it, when it’s harder to go into movies completely blind nowadays. And that goes to a third point that I think is very clear.

Subtlety is subjective. How subtle or unsubtle a film is depends on the person, don’t you think? There are some pieces of media that can be incredibly blatant in their themes like Parasite that I think get viewed as subtle just because they are very effective and good at their messaging. A blatant or heavy-handed message can be irritating in a film but that isn’t inherently a bad thing. Okja is another unsubtle film about capitalism and the meat industry, but I don’t think it’s as good as Bong's other movies because of certain scenes and plot points. You can apply this to several aspects of film criticism from characters who are coded a certain way, using different analytic lens to explore films, or even exploring authorial intent. I’ve heard endless examples of people saying various movies are subtle commentary for a particular real life issue just from having one scene or one surprisingly real life parallel.

The only part where I disagree with Griffin is that he thinks the overpraising of subtlety comes from a level of apathy and cringe culture? I think the issue comes twofold. One writing belief that subtlety inherently adds worth to a movie for the reasons listened above. The other issue is that these days there are people who are very turned off by the fact that their media might be about something or say something about society? Especially when some people can wildly misinterpret very blatant art like They Live or American Psycho.
There's a fear if you are to know a theme about a film or the author’s opinion before seeing the movie; that it’ll ruin the immersion of seeing a film in a pure way? It’s a very galaxy brain idea to assume the best art always walks some fine line of balanced storytelling and measured nuance. Or the more reactionary idea that overtly political art is bad simply for being open about it’s messaging.

Get Out, Shape of Water, They Live, and Sorry To Bother You are all films that I love and none of which I would call subtle. It's so freeing to just take the art as it is and if it succeeds on it's own terms rather than trying to hold it to some kind of critical or thematic rubric. It's a similar stance of acknowledging that all art is inherently political. That's not a bad thing; I think it makes all kinds of stories easier to accept and interpret.

I apologize if you all felt this post was too rambling but I thought the Blankies could atleast understand my opinion on this topic that kind of drives me a little nuts.
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2021.10.19 08:54 KavitaShri_D Drug Free India by Supreme Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

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2021.10.19 08:54 MelonFarmur What's currently best XP farm?

I know finding theria is the best for souls, igc3 hard for general materials and ether and think I remember dulled senses as the best strictly XP farm from a few months back. Has the new map added anything that replaces those?
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2021.10.19 08:54 ticktockthebeat Look at them pearly whites! 😂

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2021.10.19 08:54 SCP_2399 [WTB] BERTRANDITE - 23 000 Tons / 345 million profit - 15k/t profit

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2021.10.19 08:54 Assist-Visual Let's go to the track?

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2021.10.19 08:54 Murky-Atmosphere6722 restoring a corrupted minecraft world

okay, so. i have no idea if this will ever reach the right people nor where exactly this type of post stands in terms of the rules--i read them carefully but i've been wrong before--but i've tried everything and i'd really appreciate any insight that could be given.
quite a few months ago now, my friends and had a minecraft multiplayer world run from my ps4 that we loved a lot. we had it for a few months and worked really hard on it. unfortunately, something happened and my playstation ended up getting unplugged, and with it, the whole server crashed. this had happened before and i knew the whole procedure from the last time, but apparently not well enough as i had accidentally deleted the world before i had properly restored it.
obviously, i had frantically tried to fix the issue. i tried everything, even putting the world on a usb drive and trying to reupload it, but to no avail. this happened back in january, i wanna say, so i'm not even sure if it can be revived at this point, if at all.
thankfully, i kept a record of everything that had been built on the server and have a pretty good memory of how stuff looked, except for the fact that i never saved the seed so i unfortunately wont be able to find the exact location to remake it. if worse comes to worse i could always try my best, but i'd really rather have the actual thing.
if there is anyone who would know anything about this that could help me fix it, i'd be really really grateful, and i'm sure my friends would, too.
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2021.10.19 08:54 HUZNAIN [l] preferably Male and Older, someone Who can also be my family. i am 15 mtf

Hello, i am 15 years old, Filipino from The Philippines. a highschool student. i love politics (especially in public policy, political ideologies, and American politics; i am still studying about it; i lean Right-Wing), design) (i rarely do this but i know i have some skills and talent for these; Fashion and Architecture), dancing (my major talent). i am also trying to introduce myself into Philosophy which i still know a bit. i am AMAB, bigender, both Man and transfeminine transgirl, but You can refer me anything You want, i am also traditionally feminine by choice, and i am still in the process of cultivating it becoming a best girl. i am also a modern religious person, i am a non-denominated Christian and thinking of converting to Halakhic Judaism.
i feel very lonely and sad, and i am finding someone who's i will be not just a friend but also a family whom we will love each other. A friend whom we will always be with each other. Whom we will always stay connected.
Looking for someone who's really clingy. any sex, age, and gender is okay but preferably male and older.
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2021.10.19 08:54 pugwonk Fire animation I wrote in 1994 in Turbo Pascal and assembler

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2021.10.19 08:54 awtsu9 Aspiring Scholar 😇

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2021.10.19 08:54 jonesl29 r/NFT - Just had a conversation at work about NFTs (more specifically Voxel Ville) - WAGMI 🚀

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2021.10.19 08:54 Frequent_Customer265 🐶 Floki Shiba Inu 🐶 - Just Launched | 7% Rewards | Liq Locked before Launch | Huge x100 Potential Coin | Dont Miss Out

Welcome Floki Shiba Inu - Elon’s new best friend! It’s good to have such an influencer on board in memecoin theme! Unlike most other rewards tokens, Floki Shiba Inu is a long-term and sustainable project in Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. As the description suggests, Floki Shiba Inu automatically rewards holders with Binance pegged Dogecoin (DOGE) tokens.
Based on our calculations, holding 100$ worth of FLOKISHIBAINU may return to you with 8-12$ worth of Dogecoin EVERY HOUR!
Main Features:
🚀 Fair launch / Anti-Snipe
💯 Based dev team
💸 $DOGE rewards
🔥 Huge marketing campaign
🎯 Rewards/Competitions
📊 Poocoin ads and influencers ready
✅ Verified Contract 20mins before Launch (Liquidity Locked before launch)
—-Tokenomics —-
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
7% Rewards
1% Into Liquidity Pool
2% Into Marketing.
📝 CONTRACT: 0x4c5c82822619bc81c3ae72f2c30f9a102345d9ec
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 08:54 sinisterpuppy94 Is it better to close the lid or leave it open when you're taking a break?

When I take breaks from using my MBP, I usually close the lid so that dust don't get on to the display and keyboard. I wonder if that's the best practice or leaving it open so that the hinge won't be affected much.
Which do you think is the better way?
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