Baby Floki | 24/7 Active Voice Chat | SpaceX Billboard Live | Elon Tweeting About His Baby Floki Today!

2021.10.19 08:04 Mammoth_Western7359 Baby Floki | 24/7 Active Voice Chat | SpaceX Billboard Live | Elon Tweeting About His Baby Floki Today!

After recently joining the Musk family, Baby Floki is now a part of the BSC community as well with an epic fair launch that took place around 3 weeks ago!
Backed by an experienced dev team and equipped with unique tokenomics, Baby Floki aims to take the crypto world by storm. Join the telegram group now and be part of the community!
🐦 Elon announced a few hours ago that he will tweet his puppy's picture today, meaning there's a good chance Baby Floki goes parabolic from here. A steep uptrend has already started.
✅ A detailed long-term marketing plan has already been prepared and is being strategically implemented for maximum effect. Plans include Poocoin and Coinsniper ads, Coinhunt promo, crypto influencer tweets, ads on crypto and other financial websites and much more!
🎥 Torin Hoffman just reviewed the coin, in addition to several other Youtubers
📰 Huge billboard ad went live last week right next to SpaceX HQ in California! It was followed by a second billboard this time in Times Square! Press release in major websites such as Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance and many more to be published today!
🎁 Team has decided to gift Elon's Floki a wallet on the occasion of World Animal Day! Several marketing moves are taking place at the moment, to reach out to him with the offer.
📊 Listed on both CG and CMC
📝 Contract was recently audited. Baby Floki is certified by Nexus Solidity!
🖼 BabyFlokiWorld NFT and Merchandise coming up in phase 4 of the roadmap!
⚙️Tokenomics: 2% $DOGE Rewards for all holders, 5% Liquidity and 6% Marketing for buys. While for sells, there is an extra 2% going to rewards, raising it to 4%
🔒 Liquidity is locked for 1 year. Moreover, additionally generated liquidity from transactions is sent to an inaccessible burn address
❤️ Socials 👇
➡️Contract: 0xe11dda21d0d95e37ff79ce0dbb81ea19f45a83b9
➡️ Pancakeswap :
➡️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 08:04 TweetArchiveBot Sihle Ngobese RT from Maj Toure: #RIPColinPowell who passed away of Covid complications. He was fully jabbed.

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2021.10.19 08:04 eatgrassx Biology 1A/1AL Discord?

Hello! Can someone send me the discord invite for the Biology 1A/1AL group? I heard there was one. Thank you :)
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2021.10.19 08:04 Misael_91 Do you guys smoke weed to help with glaucoma?

So I’m not officially diagnosed since I’ve only been told that I’m a suspect for glaucoma since one of my optic nerves looks a bit enlarged (this was last year when I checked them and my eye pressure were normal in both eyes) dr told me to not worry about it and to recheck then again a year later for my annual check up which I’m planning to do by January.
Let’s say I do have it, I do smoke marijuana atm for stress and insomnia. However, if I do have glaucoma obviously I’m going to choose the eye drops to control my pressure if i need to since I heard weed only lowers the pressure for a couple of hours vs the eye drops can keep them in control for the whole day.
My question is can I do both? Or will it negatively effect my eyes?
Do you guys use marijuana as a treatment for glaucoma? Can you do both?
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2021.10.19 08:04 natchin76 Let's eat in turns

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2021.10.19 08:04 VaporwaveGanondorf if any of you have a good frog cosplay guide lmk

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2021.10.19 08:04 clip_mirror_bot couples who Rocky Horror together, stay together

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2021.10.19 08:04 free_-_spirit Is it okay to be upset?

So I broke up with a guy a year ago we’ve been friends for years and still are, he needed to work on himself and wasn’t ready for a relationship(plus covid). He’s been saying how he’ll like to continue things and such but made no actual plans or anything, covid is still around but that’s not an excuse.
Anyways, he forgot my birthday this year and only texted me after I posted something(2 days later)- meanwhile a guy I’ve known for years who is a gentleman(but I’m just not attracted to him) remembers every year, on the day and texts me.
At first i was hurt and wanted to not have hope for anything and honestly i feel good about that decision- he’s in a rock band and the mere idea of going out with him every week to a show is anxiety inducing, its not my scene and we’ll be better off if we find people who fit our lifestyles.
I’m just asking here because i have a history of kicking people out of my life for absolutely no reason(friends). I understand it’s toxic and that it comes from avoidant behaviour but I think this time is appropriate.
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2021.10.19 08:04 FullAspect3149 📈🚀 Uptober Token - A real Fair-Launch on 19 OCT 18:00 UTC 🚀📈

📈🚀 Uptober Token - A real Fair-Launch on 19 OCT 18:00 UTC 🚀📈
Aren't you tired of "x10000 gems" with hidden team wallets and not so "fair launches"?
Most of the new released "meme" tokens have a life time of maximum 1 day, if you are lucky...
We won't promise the moon, but if we will go there, it will be due to our community work combined with our hard work behind the scenes.
💰 Uptober is not just a BEP-20 Token, it is a phenomen. During last years, October is considered to be “Uptober” for most of investors, because very few lose money by investing in this month, due to all the tokens that are going only up. As everybody is talking about Uptober, we are sure that our Token will be a success and despite the fact that we have “free promo” from our name, we are working hard to be recognized everywhere, including CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Binance Smart Chain Scan, Influencers and Press-Media. 💰
♻️ Uptober :
✏️ Contract: 0xD90F5e5b8D915Ca40f2F2137471d94600d366EA2
📌 Launch Date: 19 OCT - 18:00 UTC
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked until 2022
⭐ Liquidity Start: 2 BNB (we have anti-whale feature, but don't tell them shhtt)
► Name: Uptober
► Symbol: $UPTOBER
► Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
► Airdrop: 3% | Burn: 50% | Liquidity: 45% | Marketing: 2%
Transaction Fee
💸 1% goes to Ecosystem
💸 4% goes to Liquidity
💸 4% goes to Marketing
💸 2% goes to BuyBack Feature
Official Links:
🌐 Website:
☄️ Twitter:
🚀 Chat:
📢 Channel:
📝 Whitepaper:
📄 Contract: 0xD90F5e5b8D915Ca40f2F2137471d94600d366EA2
🥞 Join Airdrop:
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2021.10.19 08:04 SeekEternal9294 If this works anything can…

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2021.10.19 08:04 Impressive_Habit5688 🐶 BabyMon Floki Next 100X Hidden Gem | Presale today | 10% Rewards Token 💰 | P2E Game Development 🕹| NFT Marketplace | Ecom Merch Store 🔥 Active Community and Whitelist Competitions available!

The cutest Floki is arrived! 🥰
Babymon Floki is a new Hyper Deflationary Doge Reward token on BSC. NFT Marketplace, Game and Merch store! ♥️
Merch Store:
10% of each transaction will go to holders!
10% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold Babymon tokens, earn Dogecoin and more Babymon.
AUTO Rewards every 60 minutes! You don’t need to claim your earned Dogecoin. It’s automatically sent to your wallet every 60 minutes.
1% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps create stability.
Liquidity Locked!
Babymon NFTS 🎨
We’ll soon have a collection of Babymon NFTs to mint and collect!
They’ll be a collection of unique characters with proof of ownership stored on BSC.
Babymon Merch Store 🛍
We will have a shopify store full of physical Babymon merch you can buy! From shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pillows, mugs, to stuffed Babymons, and Babymon dog customs and toys. This will also help us grow in the mainstream market and have very unlimited advertising exposure as ecommerce ads are not limited like crypto ads are.
P2E Game Development 🕹
The hottest trend in gaming now is Play to Earn and we have huge development plans to build the best Babymon game for you!
✅ Key Features:
• P2E BABYMON Game in Development
• NFT Marketplace - Mint Your Own Babymons for 1000x
• Shopify Store Buy Physical Babymons, Dog Products and Babymon Merch
• 10% Rewards to Holders
• Hyper Deflationary
• 28% Burned on Start
• Safemoon Black Hole Dead Wallet
• Manual Burns on Milestones
• Doxxed Dev that’s Dedicated AF
• LP Lock
• No Large Unlocked Wallets
• Low Starting MC
• Anti Bot / Anti Whale Launch
• Large Giveaways and Donations to Dogs
Tx Tax:
5% DOGECOIN Rewards to Holders 🐶
5% BABYMON Reflections to Holders 🥞
4% Marketing 💰
1% Liquidity 🔒
All listing sites e.g. coinsniper ETC.
Daily Reddit postings.
Twitter Influencer Promotions
Influencer Promotions
24hr Trending on DexTool
Audit with well known security firm
Press Releases
CG & CMC Fast after launch
Big Chinese Influencer
Paid Social Media Ads and Retargeting Pixels (FB, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Native etc)
Ongoing Shilling Contests and Shilling Teams
Competitions / giveaways, keeping the community active and hyped.
⚠️How to Buy Captain Floki ?⚠️
📖Contract: 0x90df4210af9141786a2ae4aec6b0d827209c19f9
🥞 Buy Now :
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 08:04 gwntim What country would you love to visit and why?

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2021.10.19 08:04 prodbypioneer "No Hard Feelings" | NY DRILL Pop Smoke X Sheff G X Lil Tjay Type Beat (prod. Pioneer)

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2021.10.19 08:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - UAE FM discusses strengthening ties with UK in official visit | Al Arabiya

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2021.10.19 08:04 xl-imperium-lx Getting close!

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2021.10.19 08:04 Massive_Dinner 🔸▪️MiniBnb 🔸▪️| Stealth Launch 5 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🔸▪️MiniBnb 🔸▪️| Stealth Launch 5 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾
🔸Have you been looking for the next moonshot ? 🔥🔥🔥

After taking a look at many projects, I have found the one that I believe that will absolutely moon ! This will for sure be the moonshot of October.

✅ What is MiniBnb and ?

▪️MiniBnb is a redistributive token with a tiered giveaway strategy. Get redistributions in MiniBNB and get BNB in the tiered giveaway! The more MiniBNB you hold, the higher tier you will be in for a chance to win a BNB giveaway!

Hop in before it’s too late.

🔸A truly innovative project that is going to moon 100%.Hold your assets and get awesome returns ! 📈


💵4% Tax on every transaction

🔁 2% MiniBNB redistribution

📰 2% to Marketing

🔒Liquidity will be Locked

📑 Certik & Techrate Audits Incoming

📍 No staking, HODL to earn 💰

🚀 100x potential

✅ How will the team increase the tokens value ?

▪️The team will do explosive marketing. Lots of promotions like Poocoin Ads and promotions with huge influencers. With a clear end goal of reaching a 1B market cap within the first couple of months after launch.

Contract : 0xc5f8ba43978e1970355dde9e3655e84633e43b2d

Buy :


🗳 Telegram :

💻 Website : ( COMING SOON )
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2021.10.19 08:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Five critically endangered monkeys shot dead in Vietnam | Al Arabiya

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2021.10.19 08:04 B_Nater19 🎮 HyperChain X 🧩 The Next-Gen Gaming Ecosystem On The Blockchain!!

What is HyperChain X 🧩
👑 HyperChain X is the world’s first community-driven token platform in the gaming industry. We are the next-gen gaming platform, and we provide our users with new opportunities for gamers, eSport teams, content creators and investors, by connecting multi-billion-dollar industries. The gaming and cryptocurrency industries are two individual multi-billion-dollar platforms and HyperChain X is infusing them together to create an extraordinary and unique experience for its users.
🏆 Our goal is to develop an all-in-one crypto gaming platform that consists of gaming elements such as one vs. one high stake battles, buy-in tournaments, live streams, league creation options for eSport teams and a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that is common in the gaming industry. HyperChain X believes in investing in the future of gaming.
🗓 We’ve got HUGE marketing tactics planned!
💎 Big buy backs! 💎
🔥 Big Marketing wallet 🔥
🛡️ Milestones 🛡️
⚔️ Marketing Phase 1
⚔️ HYPER tracker app release
⚔️ First NFT presentation with big name
⚔️ NFT marketplace development
⚔️ Loyalty points rewards
💰 Link Buy 💰
📃Contract Address:0xabC834D74e75826828c49fe4474AB74F7575BDB1
🧁 Pancakeswap:
🔒Liquidity Lock:
♟️ Resources ♟️
🌐 Website:
💬 Telegram:
🐦 Twitter:
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2021.10.19 08:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Earthquake felt in Egypt’s Cairo: Witnesses | Al Arabiya

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2021.10.19 08:04 Tibalt-mtg In response to Superman being Bi. Idk I thought this was kinda funny

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2021.10.19 08:04 makinithappen69 If there was a Reddit St. Louis meet-up, would a fight break out?

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2021.10.19 08:04 i_hope_youre_ok Let's play a game. I'm giving away £100!

Whoever is the first person to find the code I've hidden and email it to me will win £100. It's that simple.
Here is the clue
Email is
Note, the hiding place is nowhere dangerous. It is NOT on private property.
Good luck!
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2021.10.19 08:04 stormy001 Don’t act heroic when you “chickened out” twice before, Najib tells Guan Eng

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2021.10.19 08:04 Realistic-Kick4549 #LifeStory_Of_NabiMuhammad Last Prophet Sant Rampal Ji

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2021.10.19 08:04 BeTaurus1971 If you see that SEC report or that congressional hearing....

You realise we're on our own. Politicians and regulators are only going to help the hedgefucks, market makers and investment banks.
Fortunately there are many of us 💪🏻💪🏾💪 United we stand. Divided we fall. I'll just buy and hold
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