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2021.10.19 07:16 nathanfletcher123 How To Make Money On Binance Nairaland

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2021.10.19 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - October 19th

# Today In Phishstory - October 19th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.
Phish Phish, 2021-10-19 Matthew Knight Arena, Eugene, OR, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/phish-october-19-2021-matthew-knight-arena-eugene-or-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: This was the rescheduled date from the show that had been postponed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.
Phish, Friday 10/19/2018 (3 years ago) Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2018 Fall Tour
Set 1 : Strawberry Letter 23 > Blaze On > Mock Song , Divided Sky , Roggae > Sparkle > Undermind , Meat , Rift > Walk Away
Set 2 : Carini > Sand > Golden Age > Twist , Mountains in the Mist , Meatstick > Split Open and Melt
Encore : The Lizards
Jamchart Notes:
Undermind - Solid, straightforward version with varied jamming and a nice, Trey-led peaking section. Mike and Fish are noticeably strong.
Golden Age - Aggressively experimental "anti-bliss" jamming begins with angular grooves and then takes a rare deep dive into the abyss with plentiful space effects and "Shipwreck" quotes. Resurfaces > "Twist".
Show Notes:
This show featured the first Mock Song since August 21, 2015 (106 shows). Undermind included a Stash tease from Trey. Sand contained Strawberry Letter 23 teases. Golden Age and the beginning of Twist contained Shipwreck quotes.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Wednesday 10/19/2016 (5 years ago) Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville, TN, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2016 Fall Tour
Set 1 : Theme From the Bottom , Camel Walk , My Soul , Petrichor , Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan > My Sweet One , Waking Up Dead , Halfway to the Moon , Running Out of Time 1 , Tube > Shine a Light
Set 2 : Golden Age > Tweezer > No Men In No Man's Land > Plasma > Harry Hood > Suzy Greenberg
Encore : Walls of the Cave > Tweezer Reprise
1 Debut.
Jamchart Notes:
Tube - "Tube" continued its '16 comeback campaign with this sweet version featuring active back and forth between Page and Trey and a Moog-filled climax.
Tweezer - Funky, powerful start transitions to a melodic plateau with soaring improv.
Plasma - "Plasma" assumes a fluid, late second-set form. Atmospheric and introspective, with strong elements of "Timber (Jerry)," Mike and Fish create a brooding, cosmic space within which Page provides on-point fills, and Trey works through a number of styles and rhythmic shifts, coloring the jam with really cool and pensive "feedback" intraplay.
Harry Hood - On the heels of a strong "Plasma," yet another wandering "Hood" serves to anchor a strong show. While the exploratory sections (5:00 - 12:30) offer some excellent playing, the return home leaves room for improvement.
Show Notes:
This show featured the debut of Running Out of Time. Mike teased the theme from The Godfather prior to Golden Age. Page teased Plasma in Hood. Trey and Page teased Woman From Tokyo in Suzy Greenberg. The soundcheck's I Always Wanted It This Way included Immigrant Song quotes from Trey and Fish.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Saturday 10/19/2013 (8 years ago) Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2013 Fall Tour
Set 1 : Bathtub Gin , The Moma Dance , Tube > Fast Enough for You , The Ballad of Curtis Loew > Ya Mar , Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan , My Sweet One , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Set 2 : Ghost > Down with Disease 1 > Steam 2 > Prince Caspian > Boogie On Reggae Woman > Theme From the Bottom > The Wedge , Silent in the Morning > Harry Hood
Encore : Quinn the Eskimo
1 Unfinished. 2 Trey on drums; Mike playing his bass and fight bell (among other objects) with drumsticks.
Jamchart Notes:
Steam - Features a surprising rhythm-based section with Trey joining in on drums and Mike playing his fight bell with drumsticks. Worth hearing for this journey "outside the box" alone.
Show Notes:
Weekapaug contained a Mainstreet tease from Trey. DWD was unfinished. During Steam, Trey joined Fish on drums and Mike played his bass and fight bell (among other objects) with drumsticks.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Tuesday 10/19/2010 (11 years ago) Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2010 Fall Tour
Set 1 : Chalk Dust Torture , Back on the Train , Torn and Frayed , Bathtub Gin , Gumbo , Divided Sky , Jesus Just Left Chicago , Nellie Kane > 46 Days > Possum
Set 2 : Fuck Your Face > Mike's Song -> Fuck Your Face > Light -> Twenty Years Later > Fast Enough for You , Weekapaug Groove , Halley's Comet > Free > Harry Hood > Golgi Apparatus , A Day in the Life
Encore : Reba 1 , Backwards Down the Number Line
1 No whistling.
Jamchart Notes:
Jesus Just Left Chicago - Spirited piano action from Page is matched by electric and rocking playing by Trey.
Light - Magnificent and varied throughout touching on at least four or five different jam styles highlighted by an outstanding "calypso" stanza.
Reba - Awesome "Reba." Trey works atop a really cool beat, which, at times, seems to stop and then start, a special sort of space carved by Mike's bass. Excellent effects work to enhance the jam, as the band plays exceptionally well as one. Trey nudges the band into a spacey and protracted legroom, which the band explores with aplomb before Fish breaks for "Manteca." Super guitar brings this version to a close.
Show Notes:
Mike's Song contained a Fuck Your Face tease. Fast Enough for You started with Fish playing the drumbeat to I Am Hydrogen. Reba contained a Manteca quote from Fish and did not have the whistling ending.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Saturday 10/19/1996 (25 years ago) Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, NY, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1996 Fall Tour
Set 1 : My Friend, My Friend , Rift , Free , Esther > Llama , Gumbo , Down with Disease > Prince Caspian > Frankenstein
Set 2 : AC/DC Bag , Sparkle > Slave to the Traffic Light , Bouncing Around the Room , Split Open and Melt , Fluffhead , Swept Away > Steep > Run Like an Antelope , Hello My Baby
Encore : Fee 1 , Rocky Top
1 Trey sang verses through megaphone.
Jamchart Notes:
Fluffhead - A minor hiccup in Fluff's Travels is redeemed with a super tight The Chase, and Mike and Fish are especially strong. Page and Trey fire up the crowd with spirited playing in Who Do? We Do!, while funky keyboards, Fish, and a fantastic Page piano solo make for a great Clod. Serious tension building in Bundle of Joy resolves with sweet payoff - a glorious Arrival that delivers the goods in the appropriately celebratory manner, reflecting the satisfaction of a job well done.
Show Notes:
The second set started with a Wish You Were Here tease. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Thursday 10/19/1995 (26 years ago) Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1995 Fall Tour
Set 1 : Cars Trucks Buses , Runaway Jim , Horn , Punch You in the Eye > Esther > Chalk Dust Torture , Theme From the Bottom , Acoustic Army , Split Open and Melt , Billy Breathes , Cavern
Set 2 : Frankenstein , Poor Heart > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove 1 > Lawn Boy > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars 1 , Kung > Suspicious Minds > Hold Your Head Up , Possum 2
Encore : A Day in the Life
1 Unfinished. 2 All Fall Down signal.
Jamchart Notes:
Mike's Song - A Page and Mike heavy 1st jam, in which Trey hangs very much in the background. In the 2nd jam, screeching play from Trey and B-3 fills from Page compliment the funky, rhythmic base. Then there's a 3rd jam of sorts at 9:50, which features Trey retaking the lead in a plucky and upbeat conclusion.
Weekapaug Groove - The jam goes "Type II" midway through for several minutes of foreboding exploration, during which Fish really stands out. Unfinished with "Dreaming" and "Keyboard Army" teases.
Show Notes:
PYITE started with Cavern teases from Fish. Weekapaug contained teases of Dreaming (Blondie) from Trey and Keyboard Army from Page and was unfinished. BBFCFM was also unfinished. Possum contained an All Fall Down signal.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Saturday 10/19/1991 (30 years ago) The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1991 Fall Tour
Set 1 : The Landlady > Suzy Greenberg > It's Ice > Runaway Jim , Foam , Chalk Dust Torture > Bouncing Around the Room , My Sweet One 1 , Stash , Golgi Apparatus
Set 2 : Llama , Bathtub Gin , Sparkle > Tweezer > Horn , Poor Heart , You Enjoy Myself , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin 2 > Hold Your Head Up , Harry Hood
Encore : Good Times Bad Times
1 After a false start to the song, the first verse was peformed a cappella. The entire song was subsequently performed in its usual rendition. 2 Mimi Fishman on vacuum.
Show Notes:
After a false start to the song, the first verse of My Sweet One was performed a cappella. The entire song was subsequently performed in its usual rendition. During Terrapin, Mimi Fishman substituted for Fish on vacuum. She was announced as "Showboat Gertrude's Mother."
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Friday 10/19/1990 (31 years ago) The Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1990 Tour
Set 1 : Golgi Apparatus , Foam , Uncle Pen , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Magilla , Cavern > Possum , Bathtub Gin , The Landlady , Bouncing Around the Room , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg , Good Times Bad Times
Encore : Carolina , AC/DC Bag
Encore 2 : Paul and Silas
Show Notes:
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, 1987-10-19 Nectar's, Burlington, VT, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/phish-october-19-1987-nectars-burlington-vt-usa.html
Tour: 1987 Tour
Show Notes:
Trey Anastasio Trey Anastasio, 2019-10-19 State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-october-19-2019-state-theatre-minneapolis-mn-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: This entire show was performed by Trey solo acoustic and featured the first Trey acoustic performances of Death Don't Hurt Very Long and My Problem Right There.
Trey Anastasio Band, 2012-10-19 Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-october-19-2012-chicago-theatre-chicago-il-usa.html
Tour: TAB - Fall 2012 Traveler Tour
Show Notes:
Trey Anastasio Band, 2008-10-19 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-october-19-2008-higher-ground-south-burlington-vt-usa.html
Tour: TAB - Classic TAB Fall 2008 Tour
Show Notes: This show was a benefit for the Seven Below Arts Initiative (which Trey mentioned at the end of the first set) and featured the debut of Ruby Waves. Sweet Dreams Melinda was played at Tony’s request. Moesha was played by request, though Trey warned the crowd that he hadn’t played the song in five years and didn’t know all the words but would “make them up and then you guys can go on the internet and rag on me.”
Trey Anastasio Band, 2006-10-19 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-october-19-2006-the-vic-theatre-chicago-il-usa.html
Tour: TAB - Fall 2006 Tour
Show Notes: After the "First Tube" opener, Trey joked, "Thank you, good night!"
Mike Gordon The Rhythm Devils, 2006-10-19 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Columbus, OH, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/mike-gordon-october-19-2006-lifestyle-communities-pavilion-columbus-oh-usa.html
Tour: Mike - The Rhythm Devils Fall 2006 Tour
Show Notes: Mike took lead vocals on "Cumberland Blues" and "Twist."
Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke, 2005-10-19 Park West, Chicago, IL, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/mike-gordon-october-19-2005-park-west-chicago-il-usa.html
Tour: Mike Gordon & Leo Kottke Fall 2005 Tour
Show Notes:
John Fishman Pork Tornado, 2002-10-19 Double Door, Chicago, IL, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/jon-fishman-october-19-2002-double-door-chicago-il-usa.html
Tour: Fish - Pork Tornado Fall 2002 Tour
Show Notes:
Jazz Mandolin Project, 2001-10-19 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/jon-fishman-october-19-2001-great-american-music-hall-san-francisco-ca-usa.html
Tour: Fish - Jazz Mandolin Project Fall 2001 Tour
Show Notes: "Ramblin'" featured guest Rob Wasserman on upright bass
Pork Tornado, 1997-10-19 Club Toast, Burlington, VT, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/jon-fishman-october-19-1997-club-toast-burlington-vt-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Trey Anastasio and James Harvey sat in for portions of this gig.
Other Steve Winwood, 1997-10-19 The Flynn Theatre, Burlington, VT, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/guest-appearance-october-19-1997-the-flynn-theatre-burlington-vt-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Trey sat in on guitar for the final encore, Gimme Some Lovin'.
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2021.10.19 07:16 Jake_AsianGuy Some questions about the evolution of dual wielding in history

Was dual wielding sword & dagger exist in 15th century or people back then only favored the 2 handed longsword or arming sword & buckler in a dueling scenario ? And why arming sword & buckler dissapeared and got replaced entirely by sidesword/rapier & dagger in Renaissance period ?
Some mate from my club have this theory that the dagger, knife, short swords in general couldn't handle the blows from arming sword and longsword back then so the buckler is more suitable for the job. But then i remember the japanese dual wielding style with the katana and wakizashi, those blades are heavy cutters as well and they used the wakizashi against cuts just fine, so i don't think that theory holds up very well.
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2021.10.19 07:16 IustinGC [Highschool math] I need to prove that the statement is true. a,b,c ∈ (0,∞) \ {1}

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2021.10.19 07:16 notspaceaids steven "dog cum" crowder has done it again

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2021.10.19 07:16 JensenAK Any Heathen or Norse Pagan stories involving death premonitions?

Specifically cases were an individual saw an aspect of their death or witnesses a doppelganger either play out or reflect something in regards to their death.
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2021.10.19 07:16 hisbeastlyness Hello!

Is there anybody alive out there!?

Just came back to to classic on this server and am sad that it seems way more dead than back in Spring :(
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2021.10.19 07:16 yokesh351 Rarible introduces the minting or minting function of NFT at no cost

The non-fungible token market (NFT) Rarible has introduced a new modality titled “lazy minting” that promises users the ability to create non-fungible tokens at zero cost, all while improving environmental sustainability on the platform.
Rather than the traditional method by which data is stored on the blockchain immediately after minting or minting, Rarible announced Monday that, under its new program, NFTs are not minted at the time of their creation, but rather at the time of the purchase. It is the buyer who pays the gas fees when buying the item. In this case, the data will be stored in a decentralized peer-to-peer storage system called IPFS.
Amid the influx of new retail entrants into the NFT development space over the past year, a large segment has been disrupted by constantly high gas fees on the Ethereum network, raising its barrier to entry and diverting many investors. towards alternative blockchains, such as Solana.
According to data from Rarible Analytics, the current average price of gas in Rarible to mint a single ERC-721 token is 0.022ETH, equivalent to the current price of USD 82.26. This is actually a favorable time to coin on the platform, compared to the frequent times of high network activity when gas rates can soar into hundreds of dollars.
That is why the implementation of Rarible will be welcomed as a positive initiative by the community, although its potential impact on the market, in general, is still unknown.
Popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, FTX, and Binance have been among the latest groups of cryptocurrency companies to express their intention to build products and services in the development of NFT space. Coinbase garnered enormous social attention for the upcoming launch of its NFT marketplace, recording 1.1 million email subscriptions in the first 24 hours. A week later, this figure is now 2.35 million.
To add further context to this figure, NFT's leading market OpenSea has logged just over 263,000 unique users in the past 30 days, plus more than $ 3 billion in total volume.
According to the latest shareholders report, Coinbase registered 68 million verified users and 8.8 million monthly active users during the second quarter of 2021.
DappRadar analytics data reveals that Rarible has logged 10,100 unique users over a 30-day period, RARI, the platform's native token, has seen positive growth over the past month, increasing 80% from a one-year low. at the end of September to the current value of around $ 22.20.
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2021.10.19 07:16 F_Your_Kouch Is there a word for writing a paragraph and using similar wording or phrases because you subconsciously notice the same words or phrases earlier in the paragraph making you sound repetitive?

View Poll
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2021.10.19 07:16 Dragon22721 H: J2525 W: commando offers

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2021.10.19 07:16 Jowqts good day managers

is there manager looking for scholar in axie? make it consider • Loyal • Industrious • Dedicated Just badly need financial assistance for my education.
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2021.10.19 07:16 No_Goat_2659 What is the Variant Mode?

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2021.10.19 07:16 max_johnson123 How would the Foundation respond and contain Michael Myers?

Hello friends, since my "How would the Foundation respond to The Backrooms" post got a lot of good feedback, I figured I'd follow up with another in light of the spoooky season.
How would the Foundation respond and possibly contain Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise? Now to be specific, I'm talking Michael Myers from the first film in 1978, the 2018 reboot, and the latest entry "Halloween Kills". No spoilers of course.
To me, Michael Myers would definitely be a Keter, and containment would be really difficult due to the nature of Michael Myers,
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2021.10.19 07:16 LearnersPermitPlease Thanks, Google

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2021.10.19 07:16 AkFlaco My pack luck last weekend was insaneee

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2021.10.19 07:16 Marijuangell What caused my candle to turn black? I always trim the wicks and this has been lit for less than 2 hours. The throw on this was super strong but now it’s weak and completely black :(

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2021.10.19 07:16 its_omkar2753_ Can we talk about this channel?

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2021.10.19 07:16 ourweepingwillow When you find out your 1911 built house was relocated (to its current location) during a 1950s mill worker strike…

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2021.10.19 07:16 jistresdidit My neighbors coconut tree fell on him

Guess he got a face palm.
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2021.10.19 07:16 Alone-Habit-8968 Looking for mega gengar raid

Also need to battle and win for research
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2021.10.19 07:16 Gegenuebertragung hmmm

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2021.10.19 07:16 waterclam 【Free the Head】Mesia-bald story about women

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2021.10.19 07:16 lelelesdx watching derrick henry tear up the number 1 rated defense in the NFL

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2021.10.19 07:16 Impressive_Habit5688 🐶 BabyMon Floki Next 100X Hidden Gem | Presale today | 10% Rewards Token 💰 | P2E Game Development 🕹| NFT Marketplace | Ecom Merch Store 🔥 Active Community and Whitelist Competitions available!

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We will have a shopify store full of physical Babymon merch you can buy! From shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pillows, mugs, to stuffed Babymons, and Babymon dog customs and toys. This will also help us grow in the mainstream market and have very unlimited advertising exposure as ecommerce ads are not limited like crypto ads are.
P2E Game Development 🕹
The hottest trend in gaming now is Play to Earn and we have huge development plans to build the best Babymon game for you!
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Competitions / giveaways, keeping the community active and hyped.
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