skbyh 8abdi etatf h8hr4 29nh9 y22f4 f2dif khfnk ty7td b4akf 5afeh f4769 2bz4n 6dzbs 8yb6d f87hh dahif ss9nk 8ary5 5n7ns nkbsf How can WoTC alter all this lore to make things more inclusive while straight up whitening Drizzt's skin |

How can WoTC alter all this lore to make things more inclusive while straight up whitening Drizzt's skin

2022.01.22 07:50 Karth9909 How can WoTC alter all this lore to make things more inclusive while straight up whitening Drizzt's skin

I get updating things to be more inclusive (all though it would be easier just to create a new base setting instead of one with 50 years of lore) but the only drow i see getting their skinned lightened to such a degree is "the good one". It just seems hypocritical
Dark Skinned

Light Skinned
Other Drow Still Dark
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2022.01.22 07:50 itemluminouswadison Hands-On With The Le Jour Seacolt LJ-SCD-002 Dive Watch

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2022.01.22 07:50 imjustbigchillin vaguely friendly cube

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2022.01.22 07:50 DimchikGhost_219 Recommend seed.

Advise seed, in which you can spawn next to the village, as well as where there will be a fortress nearby with a portal to the edge.
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2022.01.22 07:50 datboi-reddit The ball just flew out of the map after the first kickof. The game ended after my opponent got bored and Forfeited

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2022.01.22 07:50 any2k- boosted by cheater

boosted by cheater
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2022.01.22 07:50 Lofi787898 Will the Demonslayer event ever come in other servers?

I'm still wondering why the event hasn't come yet. I mean they could capitalize on that since season 2 is already out lmao. I really wanna play tanjiro and nezuko without having to make a chinese server account
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2022.01.22 07:50 Nobody-Flaky Spoke to a ghost while walking through the park

So this happened back when I was in my early 20’s, I’m 37 now. I was at my friends drinking some Mickey tall cans like we did back in the day lol come 2am-ish my friend dad is asleep and can’t give me a ride and I love about 15 minutes away by foot. So I figured fuck it, I’ll walk home, I walked every where back then!
So I’m walking nice n buzzed home, smoked a couple joints earlier too so I was Feelin’ good! Well half way is the park, Smith Park, and I could go around the park and get home “on time” or I can cut through the park and “save some time” so as I’m walking up to the small entrance in the corner of the park near the soccer field, basketball courts and roller hockey rink I’m debating crossing through cause it’s a typical scary movie look lol the grass has all the mist, I’d actually fog…and it was cold, the part lights gave that Erie light on fog effect….well! I said fuck it! And walked through the park lol
So as I’m walking through, by myself, about halfway through as I’m walking I look over to the right and I’m walking with a black mass, shape of a body, but just a black mass and it asks me through my mind “where you going”? It was clear as day to me and me being all buzzed responded by what I felt as just thinking it, I said in my mind “going home” and looked straight. At that second that I looked straight I realized I was alone and looked to my right and it was gone! I took off running so fast! I never hopped a fence that quick and cool lol I did it right that night! Lol but I ran my ass all the way home from there and once I got home I cried constantly for an hour atleast..
I don’t understand why I cried so much but this has always stuck with me. I guess I’m posting this to get some feed back. I’ve had quite a few seeings and experiences since then up till this day but nothing like that.
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2022.01.22 07:50 stephadam01 Reminder: What HODL means

Reminder: What HODL means
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2022.01.22 07:50 EestiMentioned [/r/ico] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 07:50 Chris_Augs Invictor Tactical Warsuit - Blood Angel theme. And a squashed necron... Comments are welcome! Always looking to improve :)

Invictor Tactical Warsuit - Blood Angel theme. And a squashed necron... Comments are welcome! Always looking to improve :) submitted by Chris_Augs to Warhammer40k [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 07:50 crh10001 Referral program JLCPCB

Does JLCPCB have a referral program? I'd like to place an order and maybe my friend will earn something.
I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate question.
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2022.01.22 07:50 meks39 Stall dribble

I have no mechanical skill, so I will do my best to describe it. Basically, you're dribbling, and instead of doing a regular flick, you jump up and stall. Your opponent thinks you're doing a 180 flick or something, and they fly right past you. Your continue dribbling, and score. Its just a way of incorporating a stall into a dribble, and a different way of faking your opponent. Sorry for no footage, as I said, I can hardly dribble, let alone pull this off. Hopefully someone with more skill than I can make this useful.
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2022.01.22 07:50 MacFoley1975 Disintegration is not only the BEST Cure album, it is one of the best albums ever made, full stop. As you were...

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2022.01.22 07:50 godofsadness1996 [friendship] 25 F Uk anyone want to talk?

Brief description of me I play guitar, like reading, video games and true crime among other things. I also suffer from mental health and addiction issues so if you relate hit me up.
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2022.01.22 07:50 XGAMINGTEMPEST Same energy

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2022.01.22 07:50 RivetsandWidgets are these good substats or should I aim for more crit? running 4pc blizzard, double cryo and xingqiu (freeze) on her

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2022.01.22 07:50 saturdayxdd Isolation after arriving question

I'm traveling to Toronto on IEC visa at the end of February and I'm looking for a place to stay. I read that I need to use a separate bathroom (if possible). My question is about this "if possible" - is it okay to isolate in a separate room but use the same bathroom since I can't find a place that I can afford with a private bathroom?
I asked airbnb host about it and he said that I can isolate at his place (he will provide me with n95 mask if I need to walk through kitchen) but I still want to make sure that it's okay to share a bathroom. It's confusing because people on Facebook group say that I have to have separate bathroom but on the goverment site it says "use seperate bathroom (if possible)" and I don't want to find myself unable to stay at the place I booked because I won't have my own bathroom. Renting my own place or a room in a hotel is too expensive for me.
I just got my second dose of vaccine so I'm fully vaccinated.
Thank you and have a good day.
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2022.01.22 07:50 Markimoss It's my Birthday :D

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2022.01.22 07:50 Yoleslav Regions of greater Croatia

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2022.01.22 07:50 TheAngryAstronaut Should we really keep ISS going until the end of the decade?

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2022.01.22 07:50 Phantompain43 Deadly US drone strike in Kabul - should anyone be held accountable?

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2022.01.22 07:50 hedonist222 Rocket Appartamento - sudden excessive overheating

I noticed since yesterday that the coffee temperature felt hot. Today it began streaming and spurting. I haven't changed anything. The machine is almost 2.5 years old. I make about an espresso a
I installed coffee sensor's control flow device a week ago. I removed the flow control device pressure gauge and installed the thermometer. After 55m minutes from turning it on after it completely cooled down: The machine was at 96 Celsius (205 f) and reached 102 Celsius(215 f). My machine usually idles around 88 Celsius (199). Farfetched, but could a flow control device cause over heating?
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2022.01.22 07:50 ImmortalFistofIron Theory: Andrews Spiderman could be the 'assassination' of aunt may in the comics

I was watching youtube shorts, I know, and I saw a short detailing the time Spiderman went berserk in a sense because of a failed assassination of Peter Parker that hit aunt may. He then went crazy and hunted down who it was, turned out to be kingpin. He nearly killed him.
The comments were saying about how Andrew said he stopped pulling his punches and talked about the possibility of venom Vs his Spidey
I think this could be the perfect setup for a movie with Andrews Spidey considering we now have kingpin in the MCU.
The suit used in the comic was black, this could be symbiote which would allow Andrews spidey get his dream of fighting aliens, the death of aunt may considering she's still alive in his universe, this could also be a way of introducing how strong Spiderman can be but also introducing kingpins power into the MCU. 'amazing Spiderman' kingpin would be a variant of kingpin that shows the strength he has for when they use him again in the MCU.
What do you think?
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2022.01.22 07:50 humongousranger47 Moon Inu🌗 100x Potential🚀 | Just Launched |Still low market cap|LP locked for one year|🌗 BSC Token hidden gem | Next 100x Project🌗

🌗Moon Inu🌗
💬 Telegram:
🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):
❗️Set slippage to 7-13%❗️
📈 Chart (Bogged):
🔒 Liquidity locked 🔒 :
Contract: 0x256ccd222a1b0985f0ef686b025e12b5a5351bb5
💥 What is Moon Inu?
Moon Inu a new BSC token designed to simultaneously make you great friends and great gains. They’re putting a huge emphasis on positive social interactions and stamping out abuse, shaming and prejudice.
We want to create a coin that will be a safe investment for all. Not just a quick in-and-out stop for your money.
Hold $Moon Inu
Passive LP Balance :
The holders are automatically getting are precentege of the LP more $Moon Inu by holding. This is done by charging a 5% tax on all transactions. 1% marketing 4% gets added back into the liquidity pool, creating a never ending pump!
Our aim is to keep building our liquidity pool stronger, this will benefit both the community and the team.
♻️ Donations :
All donations will be controlled by community vote, votes are weighted based on token holdings. The voting application is already built and fully functioning at launch!
🔒 Security:
The team has taken many steps past what is normally expected to ensure token security.
-All protocol wallets are multisig controlled including the ownership address.
-The smart contract is publicly verified on BSCscan for anyone to read.
-All liquidity pool tokens are repeatedly time-locked to ensure the contract is rug-proof, including tokens from the launch sale.
-The identities of all team members are publicly disclosed.
Marketing Roadmap after Listing:
⚡️ Listed on pancake swap
⚡️ CMS post every 30min
⚡️ PooCoin Ads as soon as we reach 100K MC
⚡️ Social platform planned
⚡️ Update Logo on Trust Wallet
More Marketing rounds as we grow! Jump into our telegram and say hi. welcome everyone!
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